When Marketing? Any suggestions?

“When marketing?” This is probably a question that we have probably seen quite often especially in the crypto world.

However, what kind of marketing do you think really works well in crypto world, especially when it comes to a project like Unore?

Nothing comes free and everything comes with a price. Question is, is paying for such marketing worthwhile and what are the returns expected?

Feel free to share your thoughts on what sort of marketing you think fits Unore and please feel free to justify the cost and return needed.


Thanks for putting this here, I’m all for suggestions. However, you’re absolutely right, everything comes with a price.

In order to grow watchdog, I’ve been checking out marketing propositions from influencers etc, I don’t believe that 1. The rate of return on the spend is good enough 2. This would result in any additional sales for watchdog.

I’ve been pushing people who wish to engage in paid marketing to put proposals on the forum for everyone to judge on a cost to return basis.

Having said that, we are always open to hearing more ideas. If anyone even wishes to engage in a full time position with the DAO to help out with marketing or any other area, they can put a proposal.


Running a business is never easy, it’s all about profit and loss, managing resources and having enough cash flow or liquidity especially during tough time.

@jas has definitely a person whom i admire when it comes to managing funds and risk. Marketing is definitely important but spending it wisely is the key.

Personally I am more conservative when it comes to spending. I would prefer win win situation… Whereby one get paid only when they delivers. Ie. Commision base. Eg. You get rewarded a % of the revenue you bring in.

Those in HR would know, CVs can be sugar coated… but when it comes to delivery, many tend to fall short.

Of course, there are some risk worth taking by paying upfront. Whether it is listing on CEX, onboarding influencer etc. Most importantly, it must be measured risk.

Looking forward to hear from you guys.


Thank you Jas and Nic for opening this discussion.

The best persuasion tool in the marketing kit is storytelling; primarily in the form of video.
I think you should hire an internal content creator to just boost UNORE’s own social pages.
Here are a few ideas that you can implement to take your video efforts to the next level. (Beyond making commercials touting what you guys can do or how it works.)

  • Exploit and Hacking News Coverage - > Every time someone gets hacked. Cover it as a news event to capitalize on the traffic and then encourage them to open a policy. The exploits are fascinating cautionary tales that people can learn about and grow from. (This will require someone internal to do a quick turnaround.)

  • Mini Documentaries about how big exploits have happened or historic events that could have been fixed by UnoRe’s insurance (10-30 minutes) It will tell a story about the actors who committed the hacks, how they did it, what we learned and how to prevent them. You can use a combination of talking head footage, stock video and motion graphics.
    A great example of these are on the channel Coffeezilla He has about 2.8 million subscribers and averages 2-7 million views a video everytime.

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 1.58.29 PM

Now that you have a library of compelling stories that weave in UNORe’s offering.
People can be:

  • Entertained by captivating stories instead of watching boring ads trying to get them to act on something they don’t understand.
  • Learn effortlessly about exploits, hacks and insurance.
  • Be properly persuaded to open a policy and get involved in solving the problems.

All KOLs will be able to repost, share, and use this content in their collaborations. This will be far more valuable than text threads, shills and AI generated graphic plates…

To Recap:
When you have these high quality video pieces

  1. UNORE will own video content on it’s social channels will drive far more sales.
  2. Video content can be utilized for PR, KOLs and even repurposed for ads, website, landing pages etc and sharable outside the context of just selling. The stories themselves can be cool for people to watch and be open to word of mouth.
  3. No one else is doing this (aside from maybe 3 people I believe.) It would give a huge competitive advantage.

I can help find someone to hire, you can put out a bounty or I can even do a trial video. I think spending money to own videos that you can repost for years to come is better than paying for a collaboration that will last 2 weeks at most and not generate any other value than short lived hype.

I propose doing a trial of 5 videos to test. YOU COULD also just sponsor a Coffeezilla hack documentary to see if that does anything if you are ancy to see results quickly.


Now this here is definitely some brilliant suggestions! Thanks @Foxy ! Personally I do agree that videos are something crucial that is lacking when it comes to Unore or defi insurance.

I do agree that it would be more effective hiring an in house content creator would be more effective in the long run.

A good example would be the written content on tweeter post by unore main account or unore intern. But as @Foxy said, video content would definitely be more appealing and effective.

On a side note, I wanna thank Nur for the amazing effort on sponsoring the best Unore thread competition on twitter. It did attract some good threads indeed.

I believe every investors want Unore to succeed and become a Top 100 project. Every community effort counts.


I love this suggestion!

My thoughts:

  1. our product is a USP because it touches everybody in crypto
  2. our product allows for fabulous storytelling

(USP = Unique Selling Point)

Ad 1: touches everybody
We should profile our target audience. Ie, demographic and psychographic characteristics. Understand their needs, pain points, and motivations related to crypto and insurance (see also the “website” topic). We then define how to reach these target niches, and what we want to get out of them.

Ad2: fabulous storytelling
Everything Foxy suggested! :heart_eyes:
And yes we SHOULD put this in professional hands.

Suggestion 1
Use 30 second reels (Youtube, Instagram, etc) because this format lends itself brilliantly to describe an individual hack. We could have a whole collection of hack reels, and later work on larger videos around them. These short reels give us much quicker time to market. Imagine this becoming the source for many people, to just check what the hell happened on a particular hack.

Suggestion 2
Create “the Hack Report” channel, only loosely promoting Uno Re. We are pretty much guaranteed to have lots of juicy content delivered to us for free, for years to come. We might even be able to fund it from clicks at some point … another way to leverage the USP that Uno Re is.

Suggestion 3
Coop with a super funny and entertaining youtuber, have them go out on the street in Mr Beast-style and offer e.g. UNLIMITED COVERAGE to random passers-by and film their reactions! I mean you’d probably get 99% “WTF” style reactions since probably nobody is waiting for this (but should be) and you could get interesting people and show a bit of their back stories. Cringe risk, but might just work!

We need to keep it “fabulous”, focus to serve the needs of our target audience, we do have a great story to tell.

We need to be certain to reach a minimum target audience size. Else, I fear money lost.
And they should be profiled, targeted audiences.

So; to summarize we’d need:

  1. a plan for tackling this and I LOVE the suggestions.
  2. a plan for reaching a critical minimum target audience.

Both, or none

the video that made Mr Beast go viral:


  1. A unique video identity that triggers curiosity :slight_smile:

1. Note on reels and short videos.

It takes 3 minutes+ of accumulated time to convince someone to do something. You can do that by making them watch multiple short videos over periods of time IE: 30 seconds + 30 seconds + 30 seconds → you get the gist (very difficult to do.)

Or go longer form with good storytelling. The longer aspect gets pushed organically by platforms because it fits their bottom line of keeping people on their site longer. A professional can rank the video with a high retention score to cut through all the unoptimized spam. Upon completing a good long-form video. The viewer will leave satisfied and be able to actually form an opinion about the service and have the information they need to act. Further, it will take only one video’s completion instead of nailing multiple “ads” to persuade a viewer to - click links, take action and navigate away from the dopamine farming sites that are social media.

  • So think LESS COMPETITION (because harder to make) AND MORE FREE DISCOVERY without spending money to boost it through google ads etc and finally WHEN THEY DO SEE IT - they are more inclined to be persuaded in some way.

I know it sounds hard to believe as it’s a paradox. We have “no time” and we have “short attention spans” yet I suggest long-form. It just means we demand more from content rather than needing it shorter rather.

So I like the idea of:
informative documentary on security > AD selling you in 30 seconds.
in terms of ad spend and priority.

ADs will come off as ads in short-form because of how aggressive the video would have to be to retain attention/retention in a saturated landscape. You can be more elegant and take your time with long-form.

I really dislike Tiktok and YouTube shorts for the most part in terms of advertising. You can get the completion but getting someone to act after completing on a short session is really hard. Think on your own behavior how often you click on their profile, their links etc after watching content in a scroll session. I can watch 1000’s of videos and almost never get the temptation to learn more because there is not enough to chew on or the video wasn’t optimized properly. It takes some Don Draper, Spielberg level content creators to pull this off. The platforms want you to stay on to keep seeing more content so you get served more ads. Social media platforms will feed optimistic small business and startups vanity metrics to feel like their ad dollars are being well-spent but in actuality I’ve seen multimillion dollar budgets convert literally nothing when you dig deeper into whatever BS they are telling you.

2. No one wants to watch an ad.
Buying attention is becoming a heavy premium so content marketing is much more effect/cost effective.

3. I’ve conducted on the street videos and they lead to a phenomenon called “story jacking”

This format is great for entertainment but the host (person interviewing or the point of view character/company) gets upstaged by the talent they are interviewing. Hearing from multiple people and their stories is great but you don’t bond with anyone individually and this is not very good for persuasion. You will get the completion but someone often walks away thinking wow that was fun and clicks off. Also this kind of content would be a bit TOO FUN to align with the target audience.

In regards to Suggestion 2:
I like the idea of a hack report channel but one channel is typically hard enough to manage.

In regards to Suggestion 3:
I touched on this higher up but another thing to consider is when I say content creator. I mean they need to be a great filmmaker, editor and talent all rolled up in one. It would be a god send to keep them in house and focused on the product but collabs can work - they are just going to be very expensive. IE 10-20k+ a video.

In conclusion:
Not every view is equal. It is possible to make two videos of different lengths and styles with similar view counts, target audiences etc and have the effectiveness be vastly different by a factor of 100. There are billions of videos uploaded every minute. Most of them are entertainment (spectacles, twerking etc) and ads. If you want potent marketing, you are against millions of kids looking for fame and a multibillion dollar industry of everyone throwing their money away. It’s a house of cards but longer edutainment videos decimate the space because they are overlooked by an onslaught of marketing gurus giving bad advice for ad dollars.

An in house content creator can test and optimize content for the brand over time that will work specifically for the brand they are producing for. Video after video, a good in house content creator can make the tiny tweaks to hit a home run over time. Video strategies are not an all size fits all in terms of pacing, language, talent, music, art direction and many more variables.

Best advice is hire some content creator to make 20-100 videos for 70k+/Year as opposed to 10 “ads” that cost 100k+ to produce to then another 300k+ to get discovery. Further if they are on the outside, they will be looking out more for their own wallet than the interest of the client. It just kind of happens that way.

As far as “Ads” go
I like Brave’s campaign for building authority and making you like the brand. That is if the person is willing to sit through watching it or has it served to them.

They spent money producing and pushing that out. These aren’t cheap.


Convincing arguments and good information! It is clear that you really know your stuff, we can be glad to have you around.

I’d like to point out though that the main argument of my post was:

  • no investment into video channels before we can clearly identify a target audience and a way to reach them and tap into their needs.
  • if we start a channel, we will need to do something that genuinely triggers curiosity so it doesn’t smell like selling a product (too much) and we can get some sort of flywheel reaction.

Rest was brainstorming, open form. But to clarify some of my thoughts:

  • 30 second videos only to spark curiosity. Not for “completion”.
    We have a unique story to sell, this is not run of the mill content. With proper profiling and targeting, some of the audience is going to land on the channel where they will find the in-depth, full-length video on the hack, and other videos that feed their requirements.

I act from my own frame of reference, the algorithms keep pushing multiple reels from the same content providers, I’m bound to land on their channels sooner or later. 30 seconds are more than enough for a good elevator pitch that doesn’t smell too strongly like an ad.

Different video formats don’t imply a second channel? But it does get more tricky, I agree.
These were my thoughts

  1. 30 second shorts just to raise interest
  2. “hack reports”, with details and background.
  3. “feature video” informative documentaries with more background on a certain topic
  4. “collabs”, (coffezilla?) videos where story jacking is fine as long as it raises awareness about the need to insure yourself and the “de facto standards” that UNO can offer.

Essentially, loving your suggestions, with some comments.

But I agree about the problems with creating a channel around a product, regardless of form.

This is generally why I hesitate to sink money into it unless we have made sure that our content lands with the audience that is open to suggestions about a problem that we made them see that they genuinely have.

(Edit ) I didnt go into the idea of LESS COMPETITION, MORE FREE DISCOVERY. I’m no professional so I take what your write at face value and it sounds plausible. I’d still like to see well-targeted videos with a clear audience and their need in mind. Then be interested in how we can reach them, e.g.:

  1. curious potential investor
  2. fearful newcomer with fear of crypto having heard he can insure his stuff
  3. random unaware passer-by
  4. person with bad experience wanting to file a claim from a hack
  5. “upgraded” visitor who visits for 2nd - 3rd time and wants to reassure himself (in-depth research workflows, both towards research and also towards offered products and dashboards)

The idea of utilizing video content and creating a YouTube channel similar to CoffeeZilla, with a focus on the technical aspects of exploits and incorporating Uno Re, has been proposed during earlier internal discussions. The team recognizes the potential long-term returns of such a decision, but there are a few factors that have delayed its implementation.

  1. Creating YouTube videos in this category requires significant time and commitment. Many successful YouTubers have their own team of writers, researchers, editors, and a presenter, usually the channel owner or host. In the crypto space, this is more challenging due to the technical nature of the content, which needs to be simplified for viewers without deep technical knowledge.

To address this, we plan to create hack incident reports internally and share them with the YouTube channel host, who can present the information in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. However, finding a host with sufficient knowledge of crypto security and YouTube content creation may take some time.

  1. The success of this endeavor depends on consistent content uploads and audience retention. It may take 3-6 months for the YouTube algorithm to adapt to the channel, so a long-term mindset is essential. - Also video quality must be really good as with YouTube’s current algorithm, average watch time of the video is extremely important for the success of the video.

Given the high potential of this idea, it seems logical to make such an investment. However, it would be appropriate for the governance members to approve this long-term investment. Once the costs and plan are clearer, we can create a proposal for the community’s approval.

Additionally, since long-term content can be repurposed into YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and TikToks, the launch should be carefully strategized. We believe this can be managed effectively.

In summary, you can expect to see a proposal regarding this idea once the costs and plan are more concrete. If the community approves, we can pursue this strategy, as its potential is undoubtedly promising.


Ah you guys understand the full scope of challenges!

I will counter that this can be done with one person instead of a team at first at a high level. This person will create the ground work and can onboard people they enjoy working with to pick up speed but I think one core person is ideal for scaling. The cost is 75k-120k+ USD yearly depending on scope; obviously this doubles down the road per member but I think that would be a good start. This is a very rare person to find but I can do it and I know a few others who can as well as this is the space I occupy.

This person’s skillsets would be

  • Acting/Hosting with a teleprompter
  • Technical Writing and Research
  • Story Writing in the 4 act structure and understanding of hooks and video programming.
  • SEO, Copywriting, Social Media Savant
  • Deep understanding of psychology
  • Photoshop, Illustrator for thumbnails, and other art
  • After Effects, Maya, Unreal Engine and Cinema 4D for compositing, motion graphics, backgrounds.
  • Premiere Pro or Equivalent NLE to do high quality edits
  • Video Production with access to a set, cameras, lights and high quality audio equipment
  • Sound mixing, foley, sound design and understanding of microphones and audio
  • Someone who knows how to rearrange music with stems, samples and remixing.

If you would like such a proposal to be voted on.
Is it possible for UnoRE to supply a sample evergreen exploit with some technical resources?

Just gather the research and leave an open challenge in the community to take that information and create a well-made story using it. A good content creator should be able to mold that information into a compelling story as long as someone on the internal UNORE team can vet it for accuracy.

So this plan has four stages

  1. Vote to greenlight a UNO RE Content Creator Contest. Entries are gauged by how well the content creator crafts a story based on the technical information provided. Community members compete to become a full time content creator of UnoRE. Further there should be time limitations to simulate the costs and limitations that come with making high quality content full time to get a real sense of what it could look like at scale.
  2. Top 3 get a bounty for their time and submission as voted by in DAO.
  3. Now that the top 3 has proven the merits of their video chops. They all then craft their content marketing proposals to compliment their video skills.
  4. Dao then votes once more to narrow one content creator full time or to pass on the idea completely based on the merit of the test video supplied by the bounty.

This plan does two things:

  1. It finds you someone who can execute the videos on their own
  2. Then tests their ability to scale the channel via planning so you do not need to babysit them.

The only investment the team would need for this is a small bounty to incentivize interesting videos concepts to consider. And some technical research material they can pull from.

If this sounds like a worthwhile plan to do - I can raise awareness and get some people to compete.

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Also for reference. This is my own work that I am creating for a Manga passion project I am doing.
This should at least give you a gauge of what my own skill level is. For a pilot - 100k on first upload (on a new channel - I have done 300 million + on others) isn’t bad. Notice there are 3289 saves, 10k likes, 275 comments on a how to video.
Many are asking me to create discords and links looking to take action.

My demographic is otaku (Japanese comic nerds) ages 14-22 but I can nail a much more mature audience if needed.

Once I feed more videos to each platform and the algo kicks in - this will be a raging success and most of my time is spent on writing the education material. This took me about a week but I am working on streamlining this much faster.

I’ll be making long form videos soon but I just wanted test it in short-form to make a point as to where I think the quality standard should be and that one person can do it as I am living proof.


Hiring someone full-time and creating a bounty program for content creation are both excellent ideas.

In my personal opinion, the best approach would be to combine the two. Instead of hiring someone externally, we could launch a bounty campaign and hire the winner/s as full-time content creators for Uno Re. Since they’ll already be invested in Uno Re’s mission, this could make the process more effective.

As you seem interested in this plan, we can collaborate on a proposal for the community. I’ll share more information about potential costs and the process when the plan is final, and we can work together to create a proposal.

Once the details are clearer, we can present it to the community for approval. You’re welcome to participate in the campaign, and if the proposal is approved, we can launch the competition. Governance participants can then decide who to hire.

Thank you for your dedication!


Ah precisely! Combining the two!

A bounty to incentivize a paid trial/audition. Interviewing and screening creatives is a tricky balancing act. I found it best to have them try to execute the exact required test to get the best fit for a long-term production commitment.

That sounds good. It would be much easier for me to help and collaborate if I learn more about what is realistic from Uno’s internal team.

I am looking forward to seeing the plan progress and then watching the Uno social media takeover!


Yes exactly, thanks for your commitment, I will definitely share the plans with you so we can also implement your ideas on the strategy before the public proposal.


Hey Foxy thanks for the proposal.

We’ll put a plan in place👇

  • as governance inflow, I will from intern account start posting about forum posts suggestions

  • use the intern account for soundbites and videos of hack analysis

  • then build out YT as well for hack analysis, custodian risk etc.

  • evenatually we will move on to also DeFI series, where we bring other founders talk about project


Hey Foxy, how do you like this https://twitter.com/unointern/status/1671902540437307393?s=46&t=JHvlA118rSWJfvLnCCLAuQ ? :eyes:

Of course, we’ll get the quality up, but good news, we already started. Looking forward to you suggestions :sunglasses:


Great to hear! Always great to see things in action!


Look at you go! I think you have a good vocal presence. That is to say it doesn’t sound like you are trying too hard or lacking any enthusiasm so it’s much better to listen to than say a voice actor or text to speech. I also like the sound quality of it. You mixed the music and recorded the dialog very well.

It’s refreshing to not just look at text or listen to something fake sounding when getting news, updates and so forth.

Last suggestion would be to work your way up to having your face on cam and this will do it!


Thank you very much Foxy! Actually, camera is the next step we’ll take. It’s more personal and trustworthy :ok_hand:


Firstly, compliments on the video and the way it was presented. It was very pleasant to watch. However I am a bit surprised that this has already been implemented and money is being spent?

At this point in time there is only a proposal being discussed and to my knowledge we did not vote on anything yet? Or did I miss the vote?

Personally my worry that I pointed out earlier has remained the same and is somewhat strengthened. Without a clear targeting strategy I fear that this is time, energy and money not spent in an optimal way. The decision to invest in equipment was apparently also already made.

These were my points and they remain the same…

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