When Marketing? Any suggestions?

Hey Structurator, thank you for your feedback. I’d like to point out that we did not hire anyone outside for the purpose of making this video. I personally allocated my time to make it for the community and see how you like it, so no additional money was spent for the equipment or video creation.

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great one from you keep up the good work

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Hi, as pilot I think it was very good. But my point is, let’s produce a marketing plan, have it voted for by the DAO. I didnt mean to take your energy and enjoyment away, it is a good initiative. But we should streamline it. What audience do we want to reach. How will we reach them. What we want to teach them.

This would even help to define content for the series. But also, maybe we find ways to reach a bigger audience for example through the Kucoin cooperation (just a random idea). Then we need to target that audience and give them contents on their level. Same for any other way of reaching people. For example how about TaskOn.

To just have videos on our main channel, it feels they will disappear in time very fast.

please don’t feel demotivated, I actually thought the video was pretty good but we just lack a bigger ‘plan’, to position them and to define the contents.

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