Website should target our audience better: "INSURE YOUR CRYPTO PORTFOLIO"

(I wrote this message in a quick first response … edits may be due … and any feedback is very much appreciated :slight_smile: ).

After earlier discussions, many seem to agree (based on Telegram chats) that the new website looks pretty much absolutely fire.

However I still want to point to a weakness that is pretty blatant in my view, and that is that there is still a mismatch between target audience and website message.

I want to refer to this post

a lot of it has been tackled, but just look at the black and white image; this is what the competition does.


As mentioned in this post, (semi) competition just kindof grabs the visitor by the ankles and clearly communicates the point.

This may be on the other side of the spectrum, but as a direct example; just today, in reply to a post, this question was asked:

So go figure, this is somebody who has already found us and is already in our community, possibly as an investor.

So let’s speak to these people more directly. E.g.: “Insure Your Crypto Portfolio With Us.”

Show an example rate as well, maybe: a screenshot with a PRICE.

“Jeez, is it that cheap?” … was also my own thought when I saw it in the dApp.

Naturally, we should offer similar “elevator pitch” slogans for the other aspects to the protocol.

Crypto is on the rise again, and our target audience (especially with WatchDog moving to more of a subscription based income model for us), could be those newcomers who see crypto as risky and might want to insure all they do.

Let’s speak to such website visitors directly, instead of indirectly referring to them with “Insurance for retail clients”.

I mean if I ever get an email saying “dear retail client”, my first thought will be: “ok i’m in the wrong place, this is a B2B thing and they notice some retail people showing up as well” :slight_smile:

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I fully agree on this with @Structurator! We have so much to offer, with amazing, well thought products that are solving one of the main issues in crypto! We just need to sale our products more directly to our potential users, clients, investors. Straight forward marketing, even if it seems a little “moonboi” acting and showing off.


This is a great write up and I fully agree with it!

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