URGENT fix for website needed!

hi, I know we have this topic: Let's Fix The Website and Tweak The Branding. (Concerns and potential solutions outlined) - #20 by provic

But since that hasn’t moved since July and the website is STILL a mess (imho), I want to propose that we implement URGENT FIXES so that our front office doesn’t look as it does right now. I hate to say it but I think we are chasing away newcomers! We are in direct competition with professional looking sites, and we cannot afford to have a non functioning site.

Let’s focus on the main problems, and implement boring fixes!

No cool technology, just switch it off.

  • Problem 1: Performance: Loading screen; 100% CPU usage when moving the cursor over the website.
  • Problem 2: Website looks totally lost on 3440x1440
  • Problem 3: There is no clear message.

Temp solution 1:
disable the “alternative cursor” for now, let’s not spend developer time on fixing this.
It looks like a developer fantasy, not something that should have priority for the end customer.

Temp solution 2:
use proper scaling of icons, but keep it simple. If we are developing some advanced Responsive Website cool language, please just stop it for now and hardcode a few common resolutions, for example 3440x1440 screen should display stuff like so and so. This way at least we cover 80% of the cases. 80-20 rule! We must fix this ASAP, it looks super bad imho.

Temp solution 3:
Add a text that explains what UNO Re is about.
Remove the big text “The UNO Re Protocol”.
Nobody cares about the Protocol if you ask me! I’m an investor and I don’t even care, I just want UNO Re to be doing the cool stuff they do, no matter the technology behind it! This should say something like this!:


In Telegram, somebody asked, “what products or services does Uno Re offer”.

Can we imagine that this question is asked for the website above (insuretoken.net) or for example https://nexusmutual.io?
They breathe professionalism.

Let’s also add a text like this but tailored towards “retail” people:

This should be an elevator pitch for the “common visitor”

Some more details:
THIS should really not be happening, you get an attention span of 5 seconds from visitors; IMHO, we cannot afford a loading screen AT ALL. Especially one that takes almost 30 seconds in my case (Geforce 3080 Ti and “OK” cpu):

this is what it looks like on 3440x1440, totally lost and out of proportion.


Sorry, this got missed. We are going to work on this; during the downtime while recomp plan gets actioned.

Will keep you updated, will send Figma draft 1 for your review.

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