Tokenomics Update Proposal


DAO proposes to adjust $UNO tokenomics and vesting schedules to fund new product developments, which will add value to $UNO over time in a sustainable manner. New developments include partnerships with market makers to bootstrap open interest and the launch of the L2-oriented products. All of these initiatives aim to increase token value by increasing UnoRe usage and fee revenue. We feel that adjusting the $UNO tokenomics to fund new protocol developments is necessary to continue innovation and market share against our competition in the web3 insurance and cybersecurity space.

Current token distribution

Below is an update on the financial landscape of UnoRe DAO four months after the exploit.

Token Usage Amount
Pool staking reimbursements 32.4M
Staking rewards reimbursements 7.8M
veUNO reimbursement 85K
Pending rewards on 14/11/2013 2.4M
Post-hack token burn 64.8M
Snapshot of token distribution* Amount
Liquidity in BSC bridge 54.7M
Staking pools 15.3M
veUNO locked 2.8M
Private sale (unclaimed from 2021) 7.6M

*approximate as of 05/04/2024

Top metric Amount
Max total supply 316M
Circulating supply* (approximately) 120M
Unlocked supply up to month 36: 240M

*This amount excludes staked capital, veUNO, unused bridge liquidity (23.6M), and unclaimed private sale tokens

DAO possesses a substantial supply of 43.8 million $UNO that is now unlocked. However, the team made a strategic decision to vest them for at least a year. This action not only demonstrates their sound financial stewardship, particularly during the exploit and subsequent reimbursements but also serves as a heartfelt thank you to the community. The additional vesting is the new team’s way of expressing gratitude for the continued support and trust in their mission.


Reorganize tokenomics as per the table ‘New Distribution Schedule’ to:

  1. Fund development for L2 product portfolio
  2. Fund partnerships and agreements with market makers for bootstrapping liquidity
  3. Unlock access to Insurance Liquidity to enable higher coverage pools capital
  4. Reduce token vesting for select categories
  5. Unite multiple expense categories under one Treasury
  6. Introduce an extra vesting period for the team

Impact of Proposal on Tokenomics

Treasury and insurance liquidity will be considered to fund the above initiatives.

Old Distribution Schedule:

Token Distribution Percentage of Supply Terms of Unlock Status = Month 36
Private sale and Advisory 14.09% 12 month vest, 3 month lockup 100% unlocked
Team 7.54% 12 month vest, 24 month lockup 100% unlocked
Community Incentive & Rewards 9.1% 72 month vest, 1 month lockup 50% unlocked
Advisory, Legal & PR 4.55% 60 month vest, 1 month lockup 60% unlocked
Operational Expenses 8.58% 72 month vest, 6 month lockup 46% unlocked
Marketing Expenses 12.55% 60 month vest, 2 month lockup 58% unlocked
Acquisitions 4.16% 12 month vest, 1 month lockup 100% unlocked
Reinsurance Cell / Liquidity 31.20% 86 month vest 41% unlocked
Treasury 5.2% 72 month vest 50% unlocked
Crowdsale 0.43% No vesting

New Distribution Schedule:

Category Original share New share Proposed Extra Vesting Outstanding Supply
Insurance Liquidity 31.20% 36.32% 18 months 43,219,117
Treasury 38.07% 44.31% 12 months 52,735,635
Community Incentive & Rewards 9.10% 10.59% 24 months 12,605,576
Team 7.54% 8.78% 12 months 10,444,620
Total 85.91% 100.00% 119,004,948

Note 1: Treasury = Advisory, Legal & PR Liquidity & Exchange Partnerships + Operational Expenses + Marketing Expenses Acquisitions + Treasury (Old)

Note 2: Extra vesting to start from 15 April 2024 at 12:00:00 UTC and override the old schedule.


In summary, the proposed modifications and updated emission schedule will achieve the following:

  • Facilitate UnoRe’s access to a greater portion of treasury capital during the heightened market activity
  • Demonstrate a prolonged dedication to Uno Re’s development by implementing an additional vesting period for the team.
  • Expedite the sale of policy covers by enhancing the responsiveness of insurance liquidity rewards.
  • Empower Uno Re to broaden its product range and enhance its market presence

Next steps

Dear Community,

We are opening a platform for discourse for next week. We highly value your ideas, suggestions, and feedback, and we believe that they can greatly contribute to our community’s development.

This is your opportunity to participate in thoughtful debates and share your unique perspectives. Your voice matters, and we encourage you to use this platform to express your thoughts.

After the discourse, a snapshot vote will run for three days. This is a key part of our decision-making process, and your vote can help shape the future of our community.


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Burn report

Acquisition arrangement


Hi adamc,

I was wondering if you haven’t implemented the contracts yet, would you like to consider a platform like Sablier to handle vesting? It specialises in token vesting and all types of distributions (esp. streaming).


Hi @adamc , the 240m “unlocked supply up to month 36” doesn’t make sense given currently the max total supply is just 316m.

120m is in circulation + 77m (55m is liquidity and roughly 22m staked). That leaves just roughly 119m which is yet to be unlocked.

Could you please help clarify this numbers as it doesn’t add up. I would also suggest if you could come up with a pie chart so it would be much more clearer in explaining especially to new comers. The pie chart should clearly show 316m tokens being split into segment (some already in circulating while some are vested).

So far overall I am definitely liking the updated tokenomics. Shows the team is committed for the long run. Well done guys!

There’s 120M unlocked in DAO’s treasury which is not part of the circulating supply. There are 76M tokens to be unlocked still.