Let's Fix The Website and Tweak The Branding. (Concerns and potential solutions outlined)

Long-Time supporter and investor here(shortly after 2021 IDO.) Apologies in advance, I am word vomiting this quickly.

The Uno Re brand has shifted drastically from a re-insurance project to now a full insurance, auditing, security suite for protocols and real world assets alike.

Uno Re's use-cases are now much more in the middle of B2B and B2C than it's 2021 counterpart.
I have concerns that the website and branding is a detriment to the project and could use some improvement. These improvements will reinforce trust and provide clarity to new Uno Re customers.

  1. Let’s improve the hook on the website.

    I don’t believe people necessarily care that it is the first or only risk-based insurance protocol. They would rather hear something more useful to them to prompt clicks on the buttons. IE: Knowing they can insure their assets and/or earn yield if they get involved. I am aware funnels exist to supplement the hook (IE: tweets, social posts and CTAS) but it would be helpful to reinforce on the site and result in the page working as a stand-alone resource.

How about something along the lines of (this is a half baked example but you’ll get the idea) " The Best Defi solution to hacks, security and insurance. Protect your assets and invest in risk-based solutions.)

  1. Let’s dial back on the bell’s and whistles. (colors, gods, playful UI elements, etc that needlessly clutter and degrade the core product.)

I know I am not the only one who has voiced this opinion, or will in the future; however, I believe the “fun” needs to be dialed down.

It looks like it is trying to be an entertainment product such as a video game. The playfulness can feed into bad crypto biases such as likening the product to a “crypto casino.” as casinos have bright flashing lights to encourage impulsive, irresponsible behavior (you can study Las Vegas for this example.) I believe this is the opposite of what insurance should be. It is pandering too much to well-versed retail crypto enthusiasts (B2C.) I suspect Uno Re’s target audience will want to go to the site get a feeling that of saftey and security rather than gambling and risk; that the product will work as advertised. This website personally gives me a lot of anxiety. I believe this is going to hurt both B2B and B2C.

I propose a branding shift that veers to speak more to businesses and other projects/protocols looking for security solutions (B2B Professional Focus.) Let’s imagine that the core audience is looking at the site to determine if it is a safe place to park their capital. If you satisfy them, the community (retail and B2C) should in turn, also feel safe to do the same.

High Level Thoughts and Ideas:

  • No purple background. (White and Blue are colors that broadcast safety and security; it will be cleaner that way too.)
  • No “sniper cursor” This is not a first person shooter and greatly detracts from the professionalism; further, it hurts my experience navigating the site. I would like my mouse back.
  • The scrolling parallax of content sections gives me anxiety and a bad user experience.
  • Many Multi-level pyramid schemes have one pagers. Get rich quick gurus also do the same thing. They do this in desperation to grab the quick click before they change their mind. I believe people can subconsciously feel that in UI nowadays since many users have been exposed to it over the years.
    Let’s veer away from that and make the UI show that we are a long-term real business that does not need to rely on any gimmicky tactics (the product speaks for itself.)
  • There are videos, demos, and other great pieces of content but the UI make it to distracting to see their significance on scroll.
  • The video enlarges strangely and just turns me off. The music and graphic presentation off putting as it looks like it it trying to hard; the best marketing looks effortless. It is strangely cropped, the pacing is slow and seems so inhuman, soul-less, and I click off before you can win me over with how good the product is.
  • It is so clear that Jas and Suj are geniuses; all copy and details about their achievements do a great job showcasing that. Seeing the team photos adds so much credibility, but it takes back seat to all of the jargon and nonsense up top. Can we just have a simple talking head video of them (with good audio or this will be a bad look) explaining their vision somewhere on the front page? This will boost so much confidence! Things like that reassures me that this project is in capable, brilliant hands. Insurance and programming jargon with flashy graphics make it look like you are hiding weaknesses in your product by doing misdirection with the marketing.

Most of all: the sparkle effect coupled with the god graphic at the footer sours the great accolades preceding it. The partners, team and product are degraded in contrast.

  1. Can we have separate pages for Investors, Protocols/Projects, and Retail Customers looking for insurance? These are separate audiences and we may need to address them separately as the offerings keep expanding.

I strongly urge making a normal website. There are too many resources now for a one-pager.

  1. Can we strip the manifesto? It’s a red flag to me.

It starts out by discrediting mainstream companies, “propaganda” and pandering to the fear and distrust we have for centralized institutions ( I agree that they need to be improved but let’s think of it as building on the giants before us.) I don’t think it is a good look. And when it stops fear mongering it gives an over-optimistic, and naive sounding promises that (to me) means nothing. The manifesto is tricky. Storytelling is powerful and I understand that it is a problem and solution type of underdog story; however, this can be tackled more elegantly.

Proposed Solution
Can we have Jas, Suj and other team members instead say that they found a new way to solve insurance and work with retail, businesses etc all alike. That the team was compelled to solve a problem they have found. The team can then talk about Uno Re’s amazing products. I know this too seems similar to a manifesto of sorts but there is nuance there. One is an uplifting story about a team trying to build on what came before and the other dehumanizes Uno Re, vilifies others and over promises.

SIDENOTE I had to go back to look at the copy to only discover that I could scroll on the manifesto page. This further shows the issues with the current UI of the website. If I wasn’t making this forum post I would have never seen the other plans Uno Re had in store. I think some of those ideas are good but it is devalued by the above content.

  1. Create a master video with the Uno Re team on the front page and easy to find (prominent.)

I wanted to reinforce the thought I had earlier. I believe others will want to see the team on the homepage in flesh and blood to just confirm that real people are working on this “video game looking project.” They will want assurance that talented leaders in insurance are making something amazing in a world filled with fraud.

I just seen the 2 year anniversary video. Although the quality of the graphics and voiceover are good; again, it just doesn’t feel inspiring, trustworthy or something worth rooting for. Those things are incredibly important for building trust. Using your own team for the voices and faces will go the distance. Even if it is just a few seconds to see a real person is there and accountable. People will tolerate a non-award winning performance for a group of hard-working and well intentioned people.

  1. Education is a huge issue.

I believe there is a need for educational videos (just have a marketing person talk and show footage of the products.)

Accessibility will be a huge plus in the crypto space, and for creating savvy users who can navigate your product without messaging staff and requiring support.

I know the team is very intelligent, but there is too much jargon that does not serve as helpful to most people. No one can figure out what your product is or how it works. Figure out new ways to teach them in accessible ways. Videos or even just a audio clip. Something! A lot of people don’t like reading


Uno Re has had lots of impressions by working with KOL’s social media posts, appearances, events and so forth. Which means the website has gotten lots of traffic that could lead to insurance coverage or collaborations.

I speculate there are thousands of missed opportunities, and conversions due to the presentation and brand positioning. I just imagine people get pulled in just to think “oh this doesn’t look safe or legitimate… I am not putting my money here…” and they miss out on a great product that is crucial for their portfolios and this space.

Branding is the amplifier of biases both in weakness and strength. Bad branding amplifies distrust and good branding will show the strength and merit of good products.

I further speculate that the design choices were made from passion and the interests of the creators (I know the team is young and the design is very pretty.) This inherently isn’t bad when you are figuring out your market fit, but from reading comments, looking at partners and market scope; I believe we have enough data to shift it closer to what Uno Re will now become.

When a young project is looking for traction, they often will try to stand out in a saturated market by being different. IE: traditional insurance is boring and lackluster (corporate looking); therefore, let’s invert our branding to stand out amongst them. The temptation to stand out via strong design seems very logical because you can visually see the difference immediately. However, for long term success, those design differences must be logical and speak to the product itself. The product and team is what makes the team different not the design. “Boring Centralized Corporate Insurance” companies look and position themselves in that way because it works and reinforces their core messaging and sometimes its best to adapt “if its not broken, don’t fix it.” Instead of trying to be so different, marketing is best done when it looks effortless and compliments the product. Again - the differences we should amplify is your team and the product itself rather than have the UI/colors and bells/whistles distract from that.

I hope this was at all helpful. I would greatly advise incorporating some of this feedback to capitalize on traffic and opportunities to close sales and earn trust. Trust is the ultimate currency of businesses and especially insurance businesses.

All the best! Looking forward to future changes, development and I would love to contribute any way I can. :saluting_face:


Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated. Will incorporate your feedback, more details to follow.


Much thank! I edited it a bit. I noticed how many errors the paragraph had haha.


finally!! somebody same thought with me! this kind of cartoon/playful UI is really doesn’t looks professional on insurance product at all. when i try to persuade my friend to buy some insurance, they click the hard slow loading page front page and said “Damn isn’t it gaming crypto? how they sell insurance? LOL”
sorry i just telling the truth here.
but for me i also felt same, the website really not looks like selling insurance, no feeling like “Real” insurance protection by some gaming looks website.
looks way too much like it is trying to be an entertainment product such as a video game。



I think this is the last fix. I had my caffeine today. Cheers!


Indeed! at first I didn’t see it because my youthful biases let it slide since I work in entertainment.
I then took a step back and realized these glaring issues.

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Hope team will do something with this


Let the voting system speak for this, @Bitsharesdrop


The problem with the voting system is that people may have a great influence in voting, but literally have zero understanding of certain things. certainly in this area, I think that a lot of people have no understanding of this, otherwise we would not have been working on this foot for 2 years and we have therefore been able to see for 2 years that no other large insurance company has that. I also wonder when the marketing will start.


Thanks, Foxy, got our head of design to have a look at your feedback. He will be replying with feedback, if you agree we will move it to community development so we can get an external designer to work on the website to have a nice new + clean look.


Any update to the feedback?

Hii Foxy! It’s Jack - I actually spearheaded the branding guidelines and UI/UX of the Uno Re website and dApp; let me start off by saying that I really appreciate your in-depth feedback…feels good to have someone as invested in the design aspect of a protocol as I am ahaha!

At the time we designed this, it was a different market tbh; and at Uno Re we pride ourselves as adapting and thriving to the zeitgeist of now (be that in terms of design, or the financial aspects of the business aha), so here are some of my thoughts on your lovely feedback!

  1. I hear you! We would be having a content rebrand as you have highlighted and will add your feedback within the new version.

2.Yes. We are working on a V2 of the website which would be having a more “traditional” feel that resonates with the insurance industry; we’ll also have a separate section for UnoWatchDog-specific info, as that’s the focus of the business at the moment.

Addressing your sub-points:

  • We are looking to move toward a light mode version of the website with light shades
  • Agreed
  • Will take this into consideration.
  • Will take this into consideration.
  • Yes. we would be making changes Video display
  • Will take a look at this experience to find a solution to it
  • This would be out of the scope for this version but will keep a note of it for the next round.
  1. Noted.

  2. Will take this into consideration during development

  3. This would be out of the scope for this version but will keep a note of it for the next round.

  4. Will check with the team on the feasibility of adding this within this round.

Hope that clarifies somethings, and moreover, I thank you once again for the invaluable suggestions you’ve given - my favourite proposal on the forum by far ahaha!


Thank you for reading and addressing all of the points!
There is a lot of good work here but just needs to be refined.

If you guys ever need help with copy brainstorming, script writing and video production; the door is always open over here as that’s what I do full time.

I look forward to the elevated new website!


Hey Jack, good to see you looking into Foxy’s suggesstions. Am definitely looking forward to the v2 website. However, due to the mass interest of Unowatchdog, could we prioritised on it first?

Given watchdog is mainly B2B, I personally feel it is important to be able to direct user to the right individuals. Whether it’s a direct email, tg contact, tg group etc. And not expecting them to go into Unore main TG, asking for admin, then directed to CMO, then redirected to project team.

Would also be great to allow them to have a checklist on what they need to provide the team with in regards to the insured audit. This does not only speed up the process of onboarding clients but also it shows efficiency.


Hii Nic,

Absolutely! BD team is all-systems-go for UNOWatchDog, so that’s the designers’ priority as well! The contact flow you’ve created is great too - lovely idea.

Seen a bunch in tradfi websites, but i think this is one thing we can bring to web3 as well - a detailed contact form for interested customers.

Appreciate all your feedback - glad to have you in the UNO community my friend!


Great thoughts and suggestions in the posts above! Just a quick thought from me regarding the theme.
Using Greek deities and gods I still consider to be very strong - it is just in the way how it is presented…

The concept could convey strength and suggest “having been around for ages” which is strong in itself!

I do agree that the website does not feel like we are selling insurance and it is not clear what is going on. For example, I have added following comparison with one of our “semi-competitors” who by no means do what we do but are kind of in the same world.

  1. it starts with the name and the symbol (not saying UNO is bad but SURE is pretty good lets face it)

  2. I’m not saying this is a clean and good looking website, but you visit the site and you know what it is for: “INSURE YOUR STUFF”

  3. Roadmap? Where are we going… and what is our progress towards it - this is what potential investors probably expect to see

  4. a clear menu structure, not the most original but the aim is to provide waypoints into what UNO is about directly from the start

My suggestion is to define workflows that visitors may be “mentally in” and map out these workflows clearly.

  1. curious potential investor
  2. fearful newcomer with fear of crypto having heard he can insure his stuff here
  3. random passer-by
  4. person with bad experience wanting to file a claim from a hack
  5. “upgraded” visitor who visits for 2nd - 3rd time and wants to reassure himself (in-depth research workflows, both towards research and also towards offered products and dashboards)

for each roles (they may need further definition) mark out the expectations and where they would want to click and for each of them make sure they are presented with an “elevator pitch” plus a workflow.

just my quick thoughts for now!

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I think it’s refreshing when a protocol has a unique concept, giving web3 applications their own character compared to the mundane web2 applications. I agree with some of your points, like simplifying the landing page to ensure users grasp the protocol’s purpose within seconds – it’s a great idea and easy to implement.

Overall, good suggestions!


Looking Awesome. I`d love to see moree

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