What to do while we wait for V2

Hey team, I wanted to suggest a few things we can do while we wait for audit completion:

  • I know an AMA is underway but it would be better to have it as soon as v2 goes back live. Probably the same day if possible.

  • Start adding more tags on kucoin, cmc, coingecko, etc which includes things like AI, cyber security, RWA (when the arm is released), etc. although insurance is the forefront, it would be good to add tags which involves our technology.

  • Updated whitepaper and roadmap. This shouldn’t take too long since the roadmap is already set in stone but it would be good to have one for 2024 specifically split into quarters? An updated whitepaper would be nice to include RWA, how AI plays in your solution, and upcoming v3 features to get excited about.

  • planning a one month marketing campaign. I think it would be nice towards the end of Q1, there is a one month marketing campaign full of announcements like RWA release, partnerships, integrations, any token burns planned, etc. just one month jam packed with cool announcements. I think it would be good to raise our image back up. Saving the marketing funds for something like this would be great! Will show that team is active and hungry for growth.

  • keep showing off UNO on twitter, we get 100+ likes on twitter every post. There should be a tweet every 2 days, make it bitsized where it is easier to ingest. Then you can connect the tweets like a story to encapsulate what UNO has to offer.

Let me know if you want to chat about my suggestions but I think these would benefit UNO a lot while we wait for audit completion.

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