Video Marketing multi language

Hi team.

I want to bring to your attention an Idea that could help us to spread the voice about UNO RE.

The Idea is to create a video sequence about UNO RE

1- protocol: explaining how we work and how we determine the cost of coverage.

Similar to: How Uno Re Uses Chainlink Price Feeds For Decentralized Insurance | User Success Stories - YouTube

2- services provided and use cases: Depeg protection, watchdog.

3- examples on how to sign for depeg protection, signing for watchdog services.

4- earnings: Explaining staking, Dao rewards.

5- What if: This topic will be the most important to show the users, what would happened if someone signed the depeg protection a week previous to $Lunc crash and any other black swans event that we lived las cycle.

Initially the video should be in English, and should be translated to several languages.

Once we have the video ready, we could have a new approach about refer customers using those videos and earn rewards.

The idea is to provide a wider visibility about UNO RE and our services.

The cost to create those videos should be finance by the DAO earnings, in a monthly base to create the sequence.

Imagine if you could provide an easy video and the explanation about the protection provided to new users in diverse areas like gaming, RWA, IA, Defi.

Thanks in advance.

Daniel Urbina.