Update: Community Development Proposal: Dune Dashboard Compensation

Title: Community Development Proposal

Scope: Dune Dashboard Completion

Author: Taha Unal


Following the approval of UIP-1, the Uno Re DAO endorsed the launch of a UNO Dune Dashboard, initiating a community-driven project to delegate its creation to a community member.

The Dune Dashboard’s primary goal is to deliver a dynamically updated interface displaying essential quantitative parameters such as circulating supply, staking volumes, monthly emission ratios, sales and business development statistics, and other vital information. This effort solidifies UNO’s dedication to transparency during its transformation into a DAO.

Before unveiling the Dune Dashboard, we highlighted critical elements essential to the Uno Re DAO, including:

  1. Tokenomics
  2. Underwriting Capacity
  3. Sales & Business Development Metrics

Due to the unwavering commitment of community contributor Zheng (@poseidon78 on our forum and @poseidon7878 on Discord), the Dune Dashboard’s initial version is now active, covering the following components:

  • $UNO Tokenomics
  • Underwriting Capacity
  • Sales & Business Development Metrics Analysis
  • UNO WatchDog Metrics

Conclusion and next steps:

In accordance with our commitment to deliver the Dune Dashboard, the beta iteration has been disseminated within the Uno community. As Zheng continues to refine and expand the available metrics on the dashboard, the extant version remains accessible for community use. Further advancements and updates will follow.

As we continue to refine and expand, our objective is to enhance the data metrics, incorporate complete data that reflect key facets of our ecosystem, and include overall revenue metrics tied to WatchDog. This will encompass stablecoin payments and native token payments from clients. But we don’t plan on stopping there. We rely on your input to introduce further data and information. We invite the Uno community, i.e., YOU, to share your thoughts on the types of metrics and data sets you’d like to see in future updates to our Dune dashboard.

Dashboard: https://dune.com/unodao/dashboard

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the dashboard looks really great!
IMHO, it’s a great first iteration.
personally, the color is a bit… “tentative”? it doesn’t really evoke professionalsim maybe, but that could also be my monitor settings and personal preference. It’s also much more about the data and that looks brilliant. great stuff!