UNO.RE & Smokey - Does it sound interesting to you?

Dear UNO fam,

you will find down here my proposal to work with and for UNO.RE regarding to spread the word out for this great project.

I hope you like what I worked out for you.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to let me know.

Kind regards,



Sounds like a plan lets go! Spread the word about $UNO for us!


Thanks a lot bro. Really appreciate that


Hey @SmokeyJoe , glad to have you on board the Uno family. Have seen some of your threads and I would say they are pretty well written.

However, we have already onboarded Mando as our Unore marketing advisor and so far he has been delivering pretty well. Thus, I doubt there is any vacancy.

If you are interested, we have community shilling programme which offers 1250 $Uno tokens weekly split among all the shillers who fulfilled the requirement. Feel free to check it out on the price discussion channel.


Hey Nic, thank you for the warm welcome.

Just to say something what I have offered to you and what Mando is doing.

I offered you my daily and basic work, while Mando is making the advisory, right?
I could also offer you advisory, but that was not my intention.

I would work on a daily, frequently basis and close to the community. So, I really appreciate Mando and we have a good contact, but what I offer you, is another kind of marketing work.
Mando is a really huge force in the market with a great and big audience, so he is more, let us say, his emphasis is more “super advising” and of course, it is up to the community, if they think someone could complement the marketing.

Have a nice weekend


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Hey @SmokeyJoe, I just joined this and it nice being here.