Uno Integration Proposal

I would like I propose an expansion of the uno ecosystem to Injective and Metal X block chains. Please note the following benefits to integrating:

Injective (INJ)
INJ blockchain dedicated to providing a world class ecosystem for finance with robust dapps, low transaction fees and extreme scalability. Over the last year INJ has grown over 100%+ with a strong adoption of users and developers.
Inj also has a wide range of instructional support and takes out even further by connecting their VC and private investors with the projects that decide to build on the Inj platform.
UNO’s integration will provide not only more unique liquidity for insurance pools but also create opportunities for institutional investors to become exposed to the unique insurance platform.

Metal Blockchain
Metal is a layer 0 blockchain that focuses around banking. Metal has positioned theirselves to be a 0 gas fee blockchain, with super quick .05s transaction finality and compliant technology. Metal X focus is to provide its customers with B2B solutions as well as security by being compliant with bank secrecy act.

Imagine Using Metal’s baking app (MetalPay) or their lending app (MetalLend) and to provide my self extra security I use UNOs unique insurance technology to further protect my investment. There is room for many unique investing strategies within this ecosystem.


I agree with this. I think the team would do well with another integration like SOL or INJ. Especially if the goal is to insure the whole crypto space!