UNO Guardian role multi-sig Signalling

Dear UNO DAO Community,

I am Shivansh, a recent addition to the Uno Re DAO team. I have had the privilege of closely collaborating with our core team. As part of my role, I am sharing this proposal to signal votes from interested community members who are interested in joining the Guardian multisig.

What Is the Guardian:

The Guardian is a community multisig established to protect against governance takeovers by centralized actors . It consists of community-elected individuals or entities who hold positions within an 7/10 multisig. The idea is that people will vote off-chain for proposals that will then be implemented by a governance multisig. The reason for this is that on-chain votes are expensive and that there are empirically significantly less people participating than Snapshot votes.

Role of Guardian :

The Guardian is responsible for managing emergency actions within the protocol like governance overrides, voting timelovk overrides, policyClaim disputes and timelock management, etc.


  1. Must have experience with txn debugging, simulations using tenderly, etc
  2. Must have experience with operating multi-sig’s and performing complex interactions.
  3. (Optional preference condition) must be willing to undergo KYC check

Currently, the core team is in the process of electing new members, within the community aiming to select 10 individuals. Any community member can publicly express their interest in this role by responding to this forum post. Please share your background, involvement with Uno, and reasons for being a suitable candidate. Additionally, interested members should provide a proposal outlining their experience with DeFi, familiarity with multisig operations, and knowledge of ENS or wallet public tags on the explorer.

Necessary ongoing involvement:

  1. The members of the role are mandated to perform regular comms with the Olympus Council members (at least a weekly check-in)
  2. Regular temperature checks will be conducted to ensure liveness of Guardian members

Disclaimer; Necessary compensation and reward structures for this special role will be brought up in an RFQ-style discussion proposal at a later date.

Best regards,


Hi Shivansh,

This is phoenix and being a loyal Unorian from the start of the project and i would like to express the interest in Guardian role.

I had started my crypto journey from 2017 and have invested into a lot of projects and one of it was UNO. I had invested in UNO through pols IDO platform and till date accumulating it mainly because of the core vision of the project and the strong community behind it.

Talking about me, i am having a great experience in decoding the txn made on chain because i had worked in a crypto project as a community manager and customer support role. Also having some knowledge on how multisig wallets work.

I strongly believe the defi space and DAO will rule over the cex space in future and with my past experience in crypto that i will lend my hands to shape the vision of this project and together we all can concure and pioneer this industry.



Hello Shivansh,

I would like to signal my interest in the Guardian Role. I have been apart of the UnoRe for approximately one year now.

I have been in the crypto space since 2021, and currently furthering my knowledge base in the inner workings of the different ecosystem. I am always working on expanding my knowledge base in the space. I have been in the IT field for roughly 8 years now and run an MSP team. I have had to deal with unfortunate events that require the ability to stay calm & clear headed at all times. I have experience with recovery process from ransomeware events and the data recovery & integrity. I am experienced in the cybersecurity side of the IT community.

I do not have experience in multi-sig wallet operations, and have limited experience in txn debugging. Completely understand if this is show stopper for me.

Thank you for the time and the consideration