Uno DAO Financial Report I: July 2023 - December 2023

Title: Uno DAO Financial Report I: July 2023 - December 2023

Area of Focus: Non-Voting Proposal

Author: Core Contributors


In the wake of the DAO transition, the Uno Re ecosystem has witnessed numerous improvements focused on enhancing transparency.

A central aspect of this progression involves boosting the financial transparency of the DAO. In earlier stages, the Dune dashboard was introduced, governance votings were conducted, and forum announcements were made regarding noteworthy expenses and wide-ranging coverage policy approvals.

To raise the level of transparency further, today we’re sharing a report of Uno DAO’s expenses and revenue, between Q3-Q4 2023.

The following wallets are add up to the entirety of the UNO DAO Treasury:

  • [0x46488d2d36d8983de980ff3b9f046dcd0a9dc2ae]

( )

  • [0x7f4C824dF0767a5e4eb420Ef816F45F8324E2024]

( )

  • [0x3b4F393aB7030A5ee63340eF2eE3244acc5d6bbc] (Of the funds in the wallet, $5 million in $UNO is allocated to the treasury, while the remaining funds are associated with the reinsurance pool.)

( )

NOTE: The reimbursement for the Liquidity Provider (LP) positions will be conducted using the DAO treasury, as decided by the DAO. This decision was approved on November 27, 2023, as detailed in the proposal available at:

Going forward, the community can expect to receive bi-yearly reports and updates as the Uno DAO works collectively towards refining efficiency in decentralized decision-making.

As members of the community submit various proposals concerning developments, marketing, expansion, and more, these reports will undoubtedly assist in augmenting the decision-making process for Governance and DAO members.