UIP-02: Delisting Inactive Protocols from UnoRe Cover Portal

Title: UIP-02: Delisting Inactive Protocols from UnoRe Cover Portal
Scope: Protocol Improvements
Authors:Vithuran K.

UIP-02 Summary:

The objective of this proposal is to delist inactive protocols from the UnoRe cover portal in order to optimize the platform’s performance and provide a better user experience for the UnoRe community. The following inactive protocols are either not being developed on anymore, lack TVL, have not had any cover purchases in over 6 months. Having inactive protocols in our cover list ruins the user experience as the list of covered protocols are lengthy.

Proposal - Delist Protocols:

After careful consideration, the following protocols will be delisted from the UnoRe cover portal:
• Element Finance
• DeFi 11
• WallStreet Games
• Owl Games
• Orion Money
• Curate
• Refined Ape
• Closed Sea
• Berry Data
• Kephi
• Polkainsure
• Collateral DeFi
• Cere Network
• DeFi For You
• Stephero
• Paraswap
• Popsicle Finance
• 0.Exchange
• Nord Finance
• 88mph
• Ichi
• Cream Finance
• Mirror Finance
• Rari
• Anchor

Reasons for Delisting: These protocols have been inactive for a significant amount of time, and as such, they no longer hold any significant value for UnoRe investment pool depositors. In some cases, these protocols may impose risk due to lack of updates and patches in deployed codebases. As we have seen in many exploits, protocols that have used forked code may have not patched known vulnerabilities. By delisting these protocols, we can reduce clutter in the cover portal, streamline the user experience, and focus on offering more valuable and active protocols to our users. Additionally, delisting these protocols can help to reduce the risk exposure of UnoRe’s insurance pool by removing inactive protocols that may have known vulnerabilities.

Benefits for UnoRe Liquidity Providers: By delisting these inactive protocols, UnoRe liquidity providers can benefit from a more streamlined and efficient platform that focuses on the protocols that are more active and valuable. A greater focus on active protocols would mean higher insurance utilization rates and higher APRs for LPs. This can improve the overall user experience, increase the ease of use of the platform, and help UnoRe reach its goals as a DAO.

Conclusion and next steps: The above listed protocols will be removed from the cover portal UI, and existing contracts will be terminated indefinitely. A proposal to add new listings and improve or increase coverage for existing listing will ensue in the near future.


I agree with this and will be voting for delisting.

I am working on another proposal to list 2x more protocols than we’ve delisted. So our offerings net increase in a safe + sustainable manner.


I am also in favour of the delisting those inactive or account that is no longer in existence. “Spring cleaning” every 6 months or so would be a good idea given we rather use the resources on more promising accounts. Business expansion is still the key to success.