Two partnership suggestions

Hi fellow Uno friends,

two Ideas just cross my mind for potential Uno partnerships:

  • MLT ( Media Licensing Token)
    $MLT is one of few projects that already have a working metaverse. They already have shops inside the metaverse, where you can buy items, they have partnered with few movie festivals where you can watch movies on their metaverse, music palace, gaming rooms, etc.
    We could put our own insurance shop into their metaverse, where you could step into the shop and you get connected to our DApp, where your wallet gets scanned for potential insurable assets. Something simular we were planning with $Blok, but never materialized. link to the metaverse (first loading could take few minuts)
@HendrikHey (telegram) the CEO

  • UBXS (Bixos Incorporation)
    Their focus is on tokenization of real estate. They just recently launched first tokenized real estate marketplace. First real estate will go for sale on 23.12. We could offer insurance cover for their real estate’s . Maybe put a “Buy insurance” buttom on their marketplace, or even put embedded insurance directly into every purchased tokenized real estate.



Thank you, Marko. I believe adopting this strategy is highly beneficial - focusing on integrating our product with third-party platforms in the specific spaces where we seek exposure, such as the Metaverse, rather than attempting to build our infrastructure in that domain. Once the dApp is active again, our Business Development can explore your suggestions to identify potential synergies and collaboration opportunities.


Thank you for this. I agree with these suggestions. The team should partner up with more RWA projects anticipating their RWA arm release. They should make RWA a release while we wait for v2 audit and cook some partnerships as well.

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