Tips for community activeness

This is my candid suggestion,the amazing part of it is that many projects are adopting such method and it’s working for them…
One of the amazing things to have as a project is to have an active community,that actively engage in all that concerns the project…The community is very important and it’s really hard to maintain the community now as the Crypto market is unstable… Here are my tips

  1. Reward
    This remains the the best way to tie the members down,the project can try and incentive all activities in the community platform

  2. Incentivizing every event such as quizzes, midnight mass, rubble etc

  3. making sure to bring out weekly tasks,the task of each must have something that links to the other week so that community members will keep active

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We are collecting the suggestions related to community improvements - thanks for your suggestions.

I think educative sessions is also a part that will help to enlighten the community on what to expect in the future.