Team Restructure end of Q1 update

Q1 at UNO Re: Driving Innovation Together

At the start of the year, UNO Re committed to prioritizing innovation and advancement. The decision to restructure the team with SYS Labs stands as a testament to this commitment. With the transition of leadership to SYS Labs, UNO Re embarked on a journey towards harnessing specialized skills and fostering a collaborative environment. Now, as we reflect on the progress made in these initial months, it’s evident that this strategic merger has begun to bear fruit, promising accelerated development and an enriched array of product offerings.

Over the past three months since the acquisition by SysLabs, UNO Re has been actively engaged in the ongoing process of team restructuring. This period signifies a critical point in our evolution as we embark on a journey to seamlessly integrate expertise and innovation.

Throughout this article, we’ll explore the intricacies of our ongoing restructuring efforts, highlighting the incorporation of talent, skills, and collaborative spirit that are set to propel UNO Re forward.

Embracing Change: UNO Re’s New Leadership

The core of our team restructuring at UNO Re has been the careful integration of our new Core Contributors - Paul, Claudio, Adam, and Bruno. This process, initiated in January, has evolved into a journey of in-depth exploration of our operations, processes, and team dynamics. Guided by the insights of former contributors Jas and Sujith, we’ve gained a thorough understanding of UNO Re’s framework.

We started by immersing ourselves in the nuances of our internal teams, encompassing marketing, business, and development. Our focus has been on grasping project management workflows and connecting with team members driving our mission.

A key moment in February was our Twitter Spaces AMA session, marking a significant step in engaging with our community. This platform allowed direct interaction with our community, addressing their questions and sharing our vision for UNO Re. We’ve continued this engagement across various channels like the DAO, Forum, Discord, and Telegram.

Our commitment to integration extends to external partnerships, notably with UMA. These collaborations are creating new industry connections, laying a foundation for future ventures and strengthening our industry standing.

In this transformative phase, we’re thankful for our community’s support and patience. We’re committed to fostering engagement and transparency as we navigate this period of growth, inspired by our progress and the potential that lies ahead for UNO Re.

New Core Contributors:

As Uno Re advances toward its vision, the transition in leadership marks a new chapter. The original core contributors, pivotal in shaping Uno’s direction, have now completed their advisory roles. Their guidance was invaluable in helping the new core team acquaint themselves with Uno Re’s operations and restructuring efforts.

The DAO is now stepping into a fresh phase, with the new core contributors at the helm steering Uno’s future course. Their leadership is key to driving the organization’s ambitions forward.

Additionally, a majority of the original contributors within the DAO, including those who have acted as a bridge between the Uno community and operational teams, as well as developers, continue to be an integral part of the Uno DAO contributor teams. Their ongoing involvement, coupled with the influx of fresh talent from SYS, enriches the DAO with a diverse range of skills and perspectives, bolstering our collective strength and capabilities.

New Legal Entity: Formation of UNO RE Technologies

A significant development in the evolution of UNO DAO is the establishment of a new legal entity named BBI Uno Re Technologies. Registered in the British Virgin Islands, this entity is set to become the primary technology provider for UNO DAO. Its role extends beyond just tech provision, as it will also represent the DAO in fulfilling various legal obligations.

BBI Uno Re Technologies is envisioned to enhance operational capabilities significantly, especially in areas like liaising with CEXs and legal entities. This move is a strategic step towards augmenting the operational scope and efficiency of UNO DAO, ensuring that it meets its objectives while adhering to necessary legal frameworks and fostering smoother external communications.

Advancements in UNO Re’s Development Front

Significant progress has been made on the development front at UNO Re, thanks to the combined expertise of our team and the resources from SysLabs. Key achievements include the successful redeployment of UNO Re V2, enhancing platform performance and stability, and laying groundwork for future development.

We’re also excited about deploying UNO Re on Rollux, aiming to expand our reach in the DeFi landscape. This project is progressing well, and we look forward to sharing updates soon.

Another milestone is the formation of a business unit for the Insured Audit Line, showcasing our commitment to meeting market needs and advancing our roadmap. This initiative, bolstered by SysLabs’ support, is a testament to our innovative approach.

The integration of SysLabs’ team into UNO Re has been seamless, enhancing our technical capabilities and underscoring the power of strategic collaborations. This collaboration positions UNO Re to scale up and deliver unparalleled value to our users and stakeholders.

UNO Re and SysLabs Marketing Collaboration

In collaboration with SysLabs, our marketing teams have been working hand in hand to highlight UNO Re’s strengths to the Syscoin communities. This partnership has enabled us to introduce UNO Re to a broader audience, significantly enhancing our community outreach and solidifying our presence in the ecosystem.

This joint marketing effort has not only fortified our position but also fostered a deeper bond between SysLabs and UNO Re. By merging our marketing efforts, we’re positioning UNO Re for continued growth and increased visibility in the marketplace.

Leveraging Syscoin’s extensive network, including connections with KOLs and various marketing platforms, we are further strengthening UNO Re’s reach and influence. Our goal through these strategic partnerships and outreach endeavours is to broaden our audience and cement UNO Re’s presence in the blockchain sphere.

We’re excited to keep exploring and harnessing these collaborative ventures, aiming to spur innovation and growth for UNO Re in this ever-evolving blockchain environment. Stay connected for more updates on our progress and developments.

UNO Re’s Path Forward

Reflecting on the first quarter of 2024, it’s evident that UNO Re has experienced significant strides forward. This period has been marked by transformative developments, including team restructuring and the successful rollout of UNO Re V2. A major highlight is the creation of a dedicated business unit focused on the Insured Audit Line, with more details will be announced soon.

The partnership with SysLabs has been a key driver of progress, yielding successful joint marketing initiatives and utilizing Syscoin’s network to broaden our outreach. While the accomplishments of Q1 are noteworthy, the journey ahead is filled with potential. The remainder of 2024 promises to be a time of continued growth and innovation for our community.

We’re enthusiastic about the path ahead and committed to ongoing development and creativity. Watch for more updates as we forge ahead on this exciting path together with UNO Re!


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