Suggestions for Growth

Uno Reinsurance has the potential to be big for the crypto and technology world. A big worry and doubt about crypto in general is safety. Lots of people do not trust crypto because they believe it is a space they can get hacked, scammed, or have their money taken from them. This is where UnoRe comes in. In order for UnoRe to fix this issue, more people in the crypto world need to know about them. This is how marketing is so important. I believe UnoRe should focus on their marketing in a couple different ways. Already, I notice how UnoRe is focusing on growing their audience and community organically. They are doing a great job of growing their twitter and discord and building that community that is so important. I would suggest for UnoRe to market what they do best (Insurance) especially when a big event happens. For example, the FTX scam was a major event that broke worldwide news and was covered all over. UnoRe should have marketed their own company and how a company like UnoRe can help companies not make the same mistake and to show people how they can be insured from scams like this. They could do this through paid influencer posts, ads on youtube, and boosted twitter posts.


They should also try creating public event in local zones

We understand the uncertainties in the ever-changing world of crypto, and our aim is to address the risks faced by both investors and protocols through our diverse solutions.

Individual DeFi users looking to enhance their security can benefit from Cover Portal for personal protection.
Protocols can take advantage of our B2B offerings like Uno WatchDog for added safety.
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