Signalling interest for Claims DAO Assessor Role Multi-sig

Dear UNO DAO Community,

I am Shivansh, a recent addition to the Uno Re DAO team. I have had the privilege of closely collaborating with our core team. As part of my role, I am proposing to join the Guardian Role multisig for claim accessor role .

Role of claim accessor role :

This role will be responsible for managing claims of policies, including assessing and approving/rejecting policy requests. This is an optional feature used within in the protocol claims process in case of escalated claims requests or faults within the UMA claims assessment integration.

-Claims Assessment:-Reviewing evidence and documentation to determine the validity of insurance claims.

-Voting on Claims:-Participating in a voting process to approve or deny claims, with a focus on transparency and reasoning.

-Discretion and Policy Alignment:-Exercising discretion when a claim doesn’t perfectly align with policy wording, providing clear reasoning.

-Conflict of Interest Mitigation:-Separating assessor and underwriter wallets to prevent conflicts of interest and ensure objectivity.

-When a loss event occurs, members who held active cover can submit a claim. Once a claim is submitted, members can stake UNO and participate as a claim assessor, who reviews the validity of a submitted claim.

-Compensation for each action taken under Claims DAO role

-An IPFS/Arweave copy of signers identity.

Required Experience:

  1. Must have experience with txn debugging, simulations using tenderly, etc
  2. Must have experience with operating multi-sig’s and performing complex interaction
  3. Must be able to clearly perform distinctions between intentional counterparty misbehavior, PK compromise, etc and all forms of RCA tactics which are necessary for understanding what exactly happened during the incident (in-depth experience is not required.)
  4. (Optional preference condition) must be willing to undergo KYC check

Any community member can publicly express their interest in this role by responding to this forum post. Please share your background, involvement with Uno, and reasons for being a suitable candidate. Additionally, interested members should provide a proposal outlining their experience with DeFi, familiarity with multisig operations, and knowledge of ENS or wallet public tags on the explorer.

I invite all community members to provide their feedback and suggestions on this proposal. Let’s work together to shape the future of the Claims DAO and establish a robust framework for assessing policy claims.

Necessary ongoing involvement:

  1. The members of the role are mandated to perform active governance on all product listings and delistings (signal for each product basis)
  2. Regular temperature checks will be conducted to ensure liveness of Claims Assessor members

Disclaimer; Necessary compensation and reward structures for this special role will be brought up in an RFQ-style discussion proposal at a later date.

Best regards,


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