Roadmap Update Q2 2024

We’re excited to share some major changes and updates that have been happening behind the scenes at Uno Re.

What’s been done in Q1

Team Restructuring: We’ve completed a strategic merger of expertise with the transition of leadership to Sys Labs: Paul, Bruno, Claudio and Adam were the new core contributors. They’ve brought their wealth of experience and skills to Uno RE to accelerate our development and enhance our product offerings. Sys Labs also brought in new full-time engineers making sure that our development efforts go full steam.

Relaunch of Contracts: After a thorough audit, we’ve relaunched our V2 contracts and airdropped pending rewards to our users. We’re incredibly grateful for your patience and trust during this process.

RWA Pool Development: We’re almost there - the codebase for the RWA pool is nearly complete, and we’re currently establishing the legal approach.

Tokenomics Update: We’re incentivising our long-term vision and providing access to a larger portion of treasury capital during this period of heightened market activity. This update will enable us to launch a couple of significant marketing campaigns, generating some good traction for Uno Re.

UNO Deployment on Rollux: We’re making strides with our UNO Deployment on Rollux. The public testnet is due within the next few days, and we’re planning to go mainnet a week later. This marks a significant milestone as it’s the first L2 Uno pools will be deployed on.

Block Alerts as an Independent SaaS Unit: We’ve just launched the successor to Watchdog, focusing on a suite of cybersecurity services. These include smart contract audits, real-time on-chain threat monitoring, and advanced penetration testing across various platforms (Web, Mobile, API, Infrastructure/Network/Nodes), alongside Cloud Security and Information Security Risk and Compliance. This move will further solidify Uno Re’s standing in the realm of audit and cybersecurity.

What’s ahead

Q2 2024: Expanding Reach and Capabilities

L2 Security Product Suite Rollout: A new line of insurance products specifically tailored for Layer 2 solutions will be launched. This suite includes innovative offerings such as Staked ETH Coverage against slashing risks, Downtime Compensation, and Customized Insurance with Active Monitoring. This product line aims to address the unique challenges of the L2 space, providing users with security and confidence as they explore new yield-generating opportunities.

Web3 Risk Framework for Preferred Audit Partners: The development of this framework aims to set a new standard in smart contract insurance, combining advanced risk assessment with continuous monitoring. Strategic partnerships with selected audit firms will enhance the integration of auditing and insurance services, offering clients a comprehensive security package.

Growing TVL: To bolster Total Value Locked, our roadmap prioritizes two key initiatives. First, we aim to restore pre-hack TVL levels while expanding them further. This includes launching RWA Pools, and strategically leveraging idle stablecoins in SSIP pools to generate additional yield through UST Bills and other RWA assets. Our goal is to enhance net risk-adjusted returns for liquidity providers. Additionally, we plan to integrate high-growth TVL Layer 2 solutions and new staking assets to attract new stakers.

Q3 2024: Technological Advancements and Product Diversification

L2 Security Product Full Launch: Following the PoC success on Rollux, the full-scale launch of the L2 Security Product in collaboration with leading L2 and L1 entities highlights Uno Re’s commitment to becoming a key player in insurance for blockchain technologies.

UNO V3 White Paper and TradFi Insurance PoC: The release of the UNO V3 White Paper will detail plans to revolutionize the insurance models with Isolated Vaults and omni-chain insurance. The collaboration with a Trad-Fi partner to set up an Insurance PCC and a capital raise from Trad-Fi Markets signifies a groundbreaking venture bridging decentralized and traditional finance sectors.

UNO V3 Development: This phase focuses on enhancing insurance product flexibility and reach. The introduction of synchronized LP pools with cross-chain auto-rebalancing allows for optimal capital utilization across various blockchains. The concept of isolated insurance pools empowers LPs to invest in insurance products selectively, catering to their risk appetite and interest areas.

Embracing Bitcoin: We will prioritize embracing Bitcoin by aligning it with Syscoin’s BTC Layer Zero narrative and leveraging it to establish BTC Uno’s unique selling proposition. We plan to expand our offerings by introducing Risk Assessment & Insurance Products tailored for BTC Layer 2 Solutions. Additionally, we aim to bridge BTC by utilizing it as a staking asset, serving as collateral for capital pools. We envision an Eigenlayer-like secondary market risk, enabling BTC holders to provide coverage and earn yield through shared risk agreements by locking their Bitcoin. Furthermore, we are committed to building an Actively Validated Service (AVS) for claim assessment and fostering partnerships with BTC Layer 2 projects to enhance our ecosystem.

Q4 2024: Scaling to New Heights

UNO V3 Launch and Market Expansion: The final quarter is pivotal with the launch of UNO V3, employing Layerzero technology to scale across multiple L1s and L2s. This will be accompanied by comprehensive pre-launch activities, including protocol underwriting and asset listing. An extensive marketing campaign is planned to significantly boost TVL and insurance sales, emphasizing Uno Re’s innovative solutions and market leadership.

Throughout 2024, Uno Re’s strategy will be propelled by technological innovation, strategic partnerships, and extending the product offering. We’re excited about these changes and look forward to the opportunities they present. As always, we appreciate your support and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Uno Re! :rocket: