Raise awareness through platforms such as intract.io

I came across a Linea challenge that provides XP points for taking part in tasks, and these XP points are used towards future airdrops for involved protocols. (Linea itself plus projects that you interact with).

One of the tasks was: “Provide liquidity for a RWA or LST pair” on supported DEXs"

This made me wonder, if we want to push our narrative, can we not also leverage these types of platforms?

Even if we do not have an airdrop coming, we could maybe still organize something that creates a few big winners of UNO tokens; which will force a lot of people to go through the hoops of submitting into the SSRP / IP pools, insuring their contracts; etcetera.

We could also use it to promote our new product - RWA pools.

I think these mechanisms should not be underestimated, there are a lot of people going through these applications.

Several platforms exist, this (intract.io) is just one of many.


Hello, Structurator - Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

We have, indeed, been exploring similar avenues, attempting to decipher how best to incorporate them into our operations. I’m in complete agreement with your proposal regarding incentivizing ecosystem participation, promoting experiential familiarity before enabling access to rewards, and a more engaging method than simple giveaways or airdrops.

As for the RWA aspect, from my perspective, your idea resonates well and could significantly boost our ecosystem’s growth. For the newly launched services and products encompassed in the UNO DAO, we can roll out such initiatives, allowing for a scope that goes beyond the RWA arm and is adaptable to other potential offerings expected to follow the finished reconstruction efforts.

With these offerings, we can gain considerable flexibility in terms of promotional activities across such ecosystems.

Moreover, we can use this method for the expansion of our LSD coverage offerings in the future as it can enable us to seize this opportunity better, considering that LSDs have now become a significant portion of the wider DeFi sector.

Previously centered on Lido and ETH, these offerings now hold the potential to increase our reach in various strong ecosystems, including, but not limited to, Solana and Avalanche.

Your suggestion is extremely valuable and will be taken into consideration earnestly. Given its relatively straightforward and cost-efficient implementation, we can initiate a campaign once the dApp is reinstated. As soon as the critical details of said campaign are ironed out, I’ll certainly share them with you, providing you a chance to offer your perspectives on this endeavor.

Again, I thank you for your thoughtful feedback and dedicated time.


Love the suggestion!! I think this should definitely be part of their marketing strategy going forward.

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hi @Taha_Unal and LailAlk, thanks for the positive response, I really enjoyed reading that there have been some ideas already.

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