Proposal regarding the new SCV Cover

Dear community, I would like to share my knowledge about the possibilities of the insurance world in the Netherlands, I have been following you from the beginning and am very enthusiastic from moment 1. Since I work in the insurance industry myself, I would like to share this knowledge with you if desired. Feel free to contact me, I’m happy to help you


It’s great to see a valuable team member like you! I recommend joining the Uno Re Discord server and discussing your ideas with the CTO and CEO. If you have connections with decentralized protocols or other industry players, consider becoming an Uno Affiliate. This way, your expertise can benefit both the protocol and the community, while also providing you with financial rewards.


Yeahhh I already did it, I’m a uno Yoda :muscle: Nivek013

But I don’t have any connections with decentralized protocols or other industry players.

But I’m a insurance manger, so that’s the main reason I’m a big fan of UNO, when crypto is more regularlated i will promote it in the Netherlands. I have connections with big insurance company’s like Allianz, AON, Lloyd’s etc

So maybe in the future I will consider to becoming Uno Affiliate



Good to here that Kevin, maybe you could try dropping Jas a DM to see if there is anything you could help out with your connections. Given Jas and Sujith are both also from the traditional insurance sector, they probably know best what is needed. As Unore grows, we are dedfinitely hoping to leverage on all the resource we could to revolutionise the insurance industry in crypto world.

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