Proposal for UNO v2 Smart Contract Reaudit Budget Allocation

Dear UNO DAO Community,

I’m Shivansh, a new member of the Uno Re DAO team. I’ve recently had the opportunity to work closely with our core team, assisting in the coordination and operations related to the upcoming v2 smart contract audit. As part of my responsibilities, I’m presenting this proposal for budget allocation for the v2 reaudit.

Budget Request for UNO v2 Reaudit:
We are seeking approval for a budget ranging from $50,000 to $60,000 in $UNO tokens. This budget will cover the expenses for our audit process, which includes:

  • Allocation for Audit Firms: $40,000 to $50,000 in USD
  • Allocation for Solo/Independent Auditors: $20,000 in USD

Audit Timeline:
The audits are scheduled to commence immediately and continue throughout December and January, with an estimated completion by the beginning of Q1 2024 but intermediary checkpoints for different partners.

Exciting Features in Uno v2:

  • Governance Mechanics: Modeled on Aave governance V2.
  • Kill Switch: Accessible exclusively to Unore multisig.
  • Upgradable Contracts: Governed by community consensus.
  • Pausable Contracts: Managed by Unore multisig for enhanced security.
  • UMA Integration: For efficient policy claim processes.
  • Auto Compounding in Risk Pool: With identical deposit and reward tokens.
  • Proxy implementation across all core structures
    These enhancements not only bolster the security of our protocol but also advance our commitment to decentralization.

Commitment to Security:
In line with Uno Re’s ethos of prioritizing security, we believe that critical changes should undergo thorough verification by at least two renowned audit companies or independent auditors.

Progress So Far:
We’ve already received competitive quotes from reputable audit firms like Beosin, Sourcehat, PeckShield, and Cyfrin. This is a testament to the trust and value our protocol commands in the industry.

Your Role and Support:
Your support in approving this budget is vital for maintaining the high standards of security and reliability that Uno v2 promises. I look forward to your active participation in this decision-making process and am here to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Voting Options:
Please cast your vote:

  • Yes (Approve Budget)
  • No (Do Not Approve Budget)

I’m excited to be a part of this journey with all of you and deeply appreciate your trust and support as we work together towards a successful and secure Uno v2 launch.

Best Regards,


Yes, i think it should be priority to go back live to put this through in voting. One question, how will you get the budget in UNO tokens? How is the liquidity provided?

You should focus on going back live so just put it through proposal voting explaining in detail how the benefits and any issues with the proposal. Thank you.

I want to say that I think proposal for audit firms and independent/solo auditors need to be separate. Why would we need to spend more on solo/independent partners? Maybe you could spend less on Audit firms. $60-70k for reaudit is a hit. Maybe let’s try to keep it to $50k. What do you think?

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