Post-scam analysis and follow-up as a service (B2C)

(edit: Sujith thanks for the quick interaction on Discord; I’ll add it below)

Here’s the pitch:

Many people get scammed or hacked. Given the unique skillset, we could become the Go-To partner for anyone who has become a victim.

I had this random product idea; we could sell our post-hack services, just basically mediation, estimation, and potential follow-up.

Taking my own situation as an example; I got scammed massively a few years back (ballpark figure 20K) and I had no idea whatsoever how to move forward with this; what my chances were.
I would have paid a small fee for an initial assessment and certainly more for getting some of the funds back.

Since UNO has a unique expertise in this domain; plus

  • connections to law enforcement
  • connections to exchanges for blocking addresses
  • insight in related hacker (address) networks
  • connections to experts

this becomes a sellable and very marketable product.

You could sell as a service:

  • quick analysis and support
  • post-hack damage control service (e.g. help them block their wallet for example).
  • potential recovery of the funds, offer the services for xyz % of the money.

You could offer this directly to individuals, not only B2B.

As a further thought, you could actually start scaling this as a business and buy packages of customers off hacked exchanges; much like there are companies that buy packages of non-paying customers and then get to retrieve any payments they manage to pull out of them…
so the skill is in being able to properly estimate the success chance for recovery; build this up as a skill.

We could then put these packages of victims in pools much like our SSIP/ SSRP and fund their processing from liquidity provided; passing on any retrieved funds as APR.

edit: pasting an interesting conversation with Sujith on Discord around the same:

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Hey @structurator,

While innovative and aligned with our mission of strengthening and securing DeFi, the proposal, unfortunately, overlooks critical operational and financial realities.

Key Concerns:

  • Treasury Constraints: Our current treasury levels, are not sufficient to support the operations of such a new venture. Diving into new initiatives requires substantial financial backing, which we currently lack.

  • Resource Allocation: Launching and scaling a new service would demand significant focus and resources from our core team. This diversion would not only impact our existing operations but also jeopardize the development and launch of our eagerly anticipated V3 product.

  • Operational Viability: A SaaS model, while potentially profitable in the long run, necessitates a considerable period to reach breakeven. Our current focus must remain on enhancing and expanding our existing offerings, rather than venturing into new, uncharted territories.

  • Member Dilution Risks: The alternative of allocating existing tokens to fund such ventures through acquisitions or mergers presents a substantial risk of dilution for our current DAO members. This is not a decision to be taken lightly and requires a more thorough impact analysis.

Some Potential Ideas for Discourse:

Just running some rough numbers for alternate ideas to allocate tokens from existing tokens to the new entity operations:

  1. treasury trances remaining tokens - 10M UNO tokens - around 350k USD at current valuations.
  2. acquisitions remaining tokens - 6.3M UNO tokens - 250k USD at current valuation

Even though these could be potentially used towards new ventures by acquisition / merger with new upcoming security firms in the web3 space who are in need of funding and liquidity. However not sure how ideal this is for current DAO members as this would subject them to extensive dilution.

Above suggestion is hypothetical and ill advised and needs proper thought process into organizational setup necessary for the same. If someone is willing to take this up, feel free to book in a slot in a meeting in our team, happy to guide on the same.

A Call for Greater Diligence:

This proposal, though well-intentioned, demonstrates a concerning lack of insight into the operational structure, costs, and strategic priorities of Uno Re. It’s disappointing to see such a proposal that hasn’t fully considered the broader implications for our DAO and its members.

Moving forward, I urge all community members to engage in deeper and more thorough analysis before presenting new service line ideas. Proposals must be grounded in a clear understanding of our business model, operational capabilities, and treasury limitations. They should also include a detailed impact analysis and a treasury cost spend analysis to assess their feasibility within the context of Uno Re’s strategic goals.

Focus on the Present and Immediate Future:

In times of financial constraint and significant product developments like our upcoming V3 launch, it is paramount to focus our efforts and resources. While we always encourage innovative thinking and discussions about potential growth avenues, our current situation demands a more concentrated approach.

Let’s channel our collective energies into enhancing our current offerings and ensuring the successful rollout of V3. This is not the time for diversion; it’s a time for concerted effort and unwavering focus on our core objectives.

I appreciate the community’s enthusiasm and innovative spirit, but I stress the need for practicality and strategic alignment in all future proposals.

Maybe asking a bit too much from people who are essentially just crypto investors. The largest dilution I see from such a response, is dilution of the DAO itself. I consider the demands as unrealistic.
I do however agree with the need to focus on an existing path, but this does not mean we can not or should not look into other opportunities; and by setting the bar as high as has now been done, I think it is in direct conflict with an earlier comment that the DAO is not active enough.
I’d be happy if this post gets moved to another category, but this makes me wonder if we will see any, my main thought is, “not gonna happen/red flag”.