Other ways of marketing for UNO

The Whole UNORE Team has been delivering Amazing results, that has lead us on the right direction. Understanding the market conditions, I do believe more exposure is needed to have more awareness on the need for $UNO On our whole crypto space

We have a strong community and amazing leaders

I think some options to share $UNO ‘s Value without having to pay big amounts of money:

  1. Educational videos by the whole community ($UNO FOCUSED) that let anyone and from any lenguaje create $UNO awareness ) (depending on the reach of the video (amount of views, likes etc)

  2. twitter threads competitions (depending on details, vision and interactions) many winners, 1-5 weekly winners. (With some restrictions such as being active accounts, minimum 100 followers etc) to assure legit community members )

  3. weekly-Montly official Social media contest (to have the community engaged as well as being outsider join as well) this can be from creating twitter quizzes to increase $UNO knowledge, to creating poker tournaments (to mention anything possible online) in which the community can play, get to know each other , as well as bringing outsider to know $UNO

I w we can do many marketing things without hitting the projects economy, specially in this bear market conditions

Much respect to the whole $UNO Team and community :gem::1st_place_medal::closed_lock_with_key:


Thank you for your suggestions! All three are great ideas. We’re gathering feedback and will include them in our brainstorming process.

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