Optimizing the Olympus Council: Election Delay and Focused Task Allocation for Enhanced Ecosystem Growth

I’d like to outline a few strategies to enhance the Uno Re ecosystem’s growth and make our collective efforts more effective:

1 - Postpone Olympus Council Election: To prioritize the ecosystem and current initiatives, I recommend delaying the election for one more epoch. By doing so, we can maintain focus and retain the current council members, distributing stipends until the end of the next term.

2 - Tailored Task Allocation with KPIs: Assign specific tasks to each council member based on their individual skills and set measurable KPIs as performance indicators. This approach will boost productivity by utilizing strengths and ensuring a collaborative effort towards the ecosystem’s growth.

3 - Issue Council Stipends in $UNO Tokens: To align the ecosystem and reduce liquidity pressure, we should distribute council stipends in $UNO tokens, following the recent changes in the DAO treasury’s stablecoin assets.

4 - Omit Stipends for the Current Epoch: Since the Council members have submitted 0 proposals and exhibited no governance activity, including myself, we could forego stipend distribution this term. In the next epoch, with established KPIs and responsibilities, we can reinstate the reward distribution.

Looking forward to your thoughts on these.


Agree on all points. I think that there must be some fix tasks to be made for each individual council member and KPIs after each epoch. As of my understanding, Council was made to help the team with quick and important decisions. Don’t know how exactly did the collaboration between the team and Council member work (did the team approach council members?), but I guess there must be some changes made - a meeting every 7-14 Days to check previous work, making short term plans and assign new task for upcoming weeks etc… Given Council members are all important Uno community members and long term holder, I believe with right commitment, they can add alot of value to Uno as an project. But the role of council members needs to be clear (obligations and duties).

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I agree with all points. I think if the you incorporate points 2 and 3, it would really change UNO. Great write up and excited to see what comes next.