Offloading of unused UNO tokens from cross chain bridge

Gm community,

I have been looking into optimizing the current UNO tokenomics and recently stumbled upon the cross chain bridge contracts (previously Tixl) and there seems to be an oversupply on tokens in this address.

Im currently seeking assistance from someone with expertise in determining the liquidity extraction potential on the bridge 0xCBCe172d7af2616804ab5b2494102dAeC47B2635. Our goal is to assess how much liquidity can be safely offloaded from the bridge based on several key factors. We believe that by outsourcing this task, we can obtain an accurate and comprehensive analysis that will help us make informed decisions.

To determine the liquidity extraction potential, we need to consider the following factors:

  1. Bridging Volume: It is essential to assess the historical bridging volume on the bridge. This data will provide insights into the liquidity flow between the two networks and help us understand the trading activity and potential demand for liquidity.

  2. Supply on the BSC side: Analyzing the available supply of tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) side of the bridge is crucial. This information will help us gauge the amount of liquidity that can be extracted from the bridge without causing significant disruptions to the ecosystem.

  3. Predictions of Future Bridging Volume: Estimating the future bridging volume is important for understanding the potential growth in liquidity demand. By examining current trends, market conditions, and upcoming developments, we can make predictions about the future liquidity requirements.

In order to carry out this task Iā€™m also requesting the DAO to allocate a bounty of 10,000 UNO tokens.

Fellow community members, if there are any Dune wizards, excel finance experts who can dump and process through a lot of onchain data from bridge, token trading, etc, kindly drop me ur telegram below so that we can create a work group for this.


I definitely think this should go for voting after dapp goes live again

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