New Tier 1 Exchanges - High Priority or Nice to Have Down The Road?

I recall new Tier 1 exchanges (Top 50 exchanges such as Binance, ETC) were on a previous roadmap in the 2023 year, and I just wanted to start a discussion surrounding the pursuance of that.

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IF there are any developments, I am aware of NDA disclosures and the implications of saying too much; however, I wanted to know what the pros and cons were of centralized exchange listings. Especially given UNORE’s stance on Central Exchanges vs Decentralized ones.

  1. Pro Exchange: Is this an accurate list regarding the benefits of using Centralized exchanges? Are there any additional benefits? Are the benefits substantial?
  • Visibility (More people see it on their favorite exchanges)
  • Accessibility (More people can trade it via preferences and country access to certain exchanges.)
  • Liquidity (More volume collectively across exchanges)
  • Authority/Credibility (The listings make people perceive UNORE as more credible due to complying with the regulations of the exchanges.)
  • Ability for more retail to set buy and limit orders on their preferred exchange.
  • More difficult to manipulate prices due to exchange spread?

  1. Cons of Exchanges: Any other downsides and is this list at all accurate?
  • Upfront fees and costs to list that may be out of budget
  • Lower Security + vulnerability (not your keys + not your funds)
  • More Trading manipulation? Or does the spread actually equalize it?

  1. Does the team/community view additional Tier 1 Exchanges as high priority or low priority in the upcoming developments?

I just thought the community would be curious and would like to have a discussion surrounding this as UNORE continues to develop.

All the best!


I think it is very important to be on more exchanges, this was indeed also in the old roadmap. people are often lazy and only buy on 1 or 2 exchanges
This will attract more investors, volume and brand awareness. this is also good for any new customers.


Some excellent points made…happy to announce that $UNO ████ ██ ███████ , which is also mentioned in your proposal! :eyes:


Very interesting points! And I’d agree on most of them.

However, “moar exchange” is what you read in so many channels - to me it is just another way of them saying “lets push this thing down the throat of more people and hope it hypes the price”. I am unsure as to how important it is in the long run.

My preference would be a quality over quantity approach.

In other words, adding the exchange if it “creates an edge”, for example:

  1. increased inflow into our pools due to higher exposure

  2. ability to cross-sell, e.g.:
    a partnership with an exchange that will allow Uno to offer insurance directly from within the exchange e.g. an “insure with Uno” button. The exchange would create a unique selling point for itself, so it could be valuable proposition for them. Imagine an exchange investing into our pools just so they can offer this feature… that could become something big


Great topic @Foxy and also legit points stated!

Yes i would agree with @Structurator on this especially when it comes to quality vs quantity. Would definitely prefer if we do get proper tier 1 CEX listing with proper demand than just onboarding any random CEX. That said, many might just want “When Binance”? This is definitely just short term expectation for trader hoping to hype prices up.

I believe most of us are mainly trading on Kucoin compared to Gate given Kucoin has better liquidity and spread. Kucoin is also based in Singapore which most Asian has access to. Of course there are also a few others we may consider such as Okex, Bybit, Houbi etc.

I do agree that CEX listing is one of the method to increase our target audience, but it shouldn’t be the only way. At the end of the day, it is still about onboarding more demand and providing more use cases. UNO Watchdog is definitely a great start!

So back to CEX listing, it’s definitely needed down the road. However when it come to priority, I would still suggest putting priority on growing Uno Watchdog. Of course, if we have sufficient fund and resources, having both would be a bonus.


I agree that listing $UNO on new exchanges is a good idea, but it’s crucial to weigh the costs involved.

If the cost is reasonable, go for it. But if it’s too high, focusing on improving infrastructure might be better. This can lead to increased protocol revenue, strengthening the revenue share model and making $UNO more attractive. With this approach, we could potentially secure discounted or even free listings on tier-1 exchanges.

For now, the existing CEXs are a good starting point. As the protocol’s revenue grows, it’s likely that $UNO will eventually be listed on top CEXs like Binance, OKX, and others.


just waiting the Insurance sector get hype, no need pay other exchange listing fees… they will just listing by themselves when Insurance crypto booming like meme coin , for now as long as price wont drop much we are happy to hold this coin and get reward.
60% is really good APR.

i keep compounding more