New service proposal (Bounty Hunter)

Hi team thanks again for your hard work during this hard time.

Due to the latest hack, I thought we could create a new service called bounty hunter.

The idea for the service, is to provide a brand new and different option, a way to strike back the hacker that denied the white hat bounty offers by a recently hacked project.

This would be a service that will collect funds from projects and anyone who would like to donate to provide a reward to someone that can provide information that leads to the capture of the hacker.

If a project offers a total 20% of bounty, UNO Re will request a non reimbursable fee in $UNO, just to make the arrangements, the funds will be distributed as follows:

10% to recover funds.
10% if the hacker has been arrested.

The Idea is to provide a secure way to reward someone anonymously and to provide pressure to the hacker.

I hope you May consider it and may help the UNO Re Dao to grow.

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We sincerely value your thoughtful suggestion. As reflected in the current bounty, the program is now open to the public, encouraging everyone to contribute and assist in the ongoing process.