New monitoring solution for real world companies

I would like to request to evaluate this proposal for real world companies.

Monitoring /search / scan Deepweb for companies leeks (so they could identify what is been said on the web).

Monitoring /search / scan Telegram groups to identify all the Telegram groups where someone talk about a company and what they say about it.

if the telegram group is mentioned on the deepweb, then should link each other.

This services could be an extral services for the companies who sign for UNO Watchdog.

Best regards.

I’m intrigued by your suggestion and would like to grasp it better. Are you proposing that we develop a tool to assist web3 or web2 companies in monitoring social media discussions about them, thereby comprehending their community’s sentiments? Or, are you suggesting the creation of a product with a stronger focus on security aspects?

Hi Taha.

I suggest to create a product that could help Web2 or Web3 customers, to monitor and report what is been said in the deep web about a company.

imagine you work as the IT Manager of a Retail Company with over 500 stores and you want to know the topics discuss in the deep web about your company, for Example:

  • a new bug that is been share in the deep web, that allow customer to placer orders without paying.
  • a list of customer data been sold on the deep web.
  • a list of users/ passwords compromised.
  • any other case of use.

So you want to be inform about anything related to your brand (at the end, your brand could be damage by security leeks, bugs and many other ways).

So I as a customer, will put the key words that will help to identify if someone talks about your company and maybe avoid a bigger issue.

Also the idea to scan telegram groups, is because many uses this app to share information and I have not found an easy way to do it.

and I have found that several groups are been use in a fraudulent way (selling accounts, impersonate companies, and many more).

At the end, this service I think may work for web2 and web3 companies.

Thank you for the comprehensive clarification. I’ll pass this information on to our internal team, as they may find potential benefits in exploring this further. To be completely transparent, I’m not well-versed in the concept you’ve proposed. It would be more appropriate for other team members to assess it.

Thanks Taha.

If you’d like and think you can help, I’m open to making a call to discuss more details. This Application is based on previous experience.

best regards.

If it’s something you have experience with it would be definitely helpful to learn more about the potential directly from you, thanks for all the support Daniel!