New listings for uno

Hey guys,
With recent kyc on kucoin, feelin that some investors have left this space.
I suggest a new listing on huobi which is one of the best exchange in this space (I would love Binance but it is impossible rn with our current mc but I am sure in the future we will be there too).


I advise against listing unless we have substantial trading volume on our current centralized exchanges. If we lack volume and attempt to list, exchanges may not favor the idea.


New listings can indeed signal progress, especially when the benefits outweigh the costs. As regulatory pressures grow, I expect that KYC requirements will become more common and accepted.

For those who prefer not to use KYC’ed exchanges, alternatives like PancakeSwap and UniSwap are available. Regarding a potential Huobi listing, I’ll share this idea with our internal team for future consideration. As you’ve observed, our community holds diverse opinions on such matters, so fostering discussion about possible outcomes is crucial for well-informed decisions.

We greatly appreciate your valuable feedback. Thanks for sharing!