Leveling Up UnoRe: Boosting Branding and Engagement!

Hello everyone! After diving into the world of UnoRe, I wanted to share some suggestions that could potentially enhance the project’s branding and engagement. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Provide Case Studies: It would be valuable to develop comprehensive case studies that delve into specific use cases or success stories. These studies could showcase how UnoRe’s products have effectively resolved or could have resolved particular problems for customers. Including key metrics like cost savings, risk reduction, or operational efficiencies would help quantify the impact. A great example to build upon is your Medium post on the dForceNetwork exploit (DForceNetwork Falls Victim to an Exploit, Looses $3.5 Million | by Uno.Reinsure | Uno Re | Medium), which provided valuable insights.
  • Engage the Community: Involving the community in the process of analyzing the case studies can be highly beneficial. Consider holding Twitter spaces or similar interactive sessions to educate and onboard new users onto the concept of crypto insurance. This approach fosters a sense of collaboration, encourages dialogue, and empowers the community to actively participate in the UnoRe ecosystem.
  1. Reach out to Independent Reviewers: To obtain unbiased opinions and reviews of UnoRe’s products and services, engaging with independent reviewers is a valuable step. Instead of focusing solely on well-known figures who may have predetermined biases, consider seeking out influential individuals on platforms like Twitter who are currently trending. Encouraging these reviewers to create video content would add to the impact, as videos have a strong potential to capture attention and build trust.

Thanks for the feedback, especially the case study part is extremely important and while we currently roll-out case studies highlighting the potential of Uno WatchDog, increasing the consistency and further diving deeper on them can be a good start.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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