Integration to Solana

As Solana seems to lead in terms of TPS, Scalability and low fees also a vibrant ecosystem, I would expect only growth by adding UNOre on their chain.

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We appreciate your valuable suggestion. Should you have insights into potential opportunities within the Solana ecosystem, we would be most interested in hearing them. We aim to foster a collaborative environment, and your suggestion is highly valued.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Integration/Deployment to a new chain will include cost. Perhaps that can be offset by a grant from the foundation.

In addition, A new deployment should come with its set of KPIs like :

  1. Increase in TVL => could be done by by partnering with LSD protocols on solana and listing their assets as SSIP pools.

  2. Increase in coverage => If there are substantial cover purchases, validation of demand will help.

Keeping in mind the above points, I urge the DAO members to put the necessary proposals in the forums of various DAOs in the solana ecosystem to establish the potential of our deployment as per above stated KPIs. If there is merit, I can work on a proposal for the DAO to allocate funds towards a RUST-based SOL deployment.

Hello Gery,

Thank you for sharing your exciting idea with the community! I believe it has great potential and I would be interested in collaborating with you to bring it to fruition.

If you are open to it, we can work together and submit a detailed proposal outlining how we plan to execute on this idea. I am proficient in the technical aspects and can take the lead on that side, while it would be great if you could take charge of marketing and LP incentivization.

Once we have a solid proposal, we can request a budget to be approved by the UNO DAO to move forward. Let me know if this proposal sounds good to you and if you’re up for collaborating.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Best regards