Insurance Product Options

Hi team.

I have been looking the web page in the past weeks I would like to ask if you could consider to change the the Insurance Products offers.

First of all, this section allows to navigate to the right and left (is not a natural way to scroll to the middle of the pain page to then scroll to the right)

Modify this section to show the insurance products in downwards and provide a small description of protection provided.

Besides we need to add some easy way to let know customer on how to sign for those Insurance products.

Our team is currently making updates to the Uno Re website to better showcase our services. Your timing is impeccable in bringing up these suggestions, as they will certainly give the team helpful insights for the improvements.

Many thanks once more, we truly appreciate your input!

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Great thanks Taha. :smiley:

I will check the website in a few weeks.

best regards.

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Quick update @Daniel_urbina, design team is currently looking at the suggestions you have shared, thanks for all your support!

Hi Taha, thanks for the update.

I have another suggestion regarding the colors, but I don´t know if I should create another topic or continue with this one.

Please let me know.

You can add it here, this proposal has already been added to the internal documentation to design team to keep an eye on, so you can directly comment here.

Hi Taha.

Do you think we could change the color palette fr the web site.

Something more professional an less gaming (providing most of the web page in blank and we could leave the top with the original colors.

one important key is that the buttons where you would like to influence the customer to make click on it, mut have an orange / Yellow colors like


Royal Caribbean:


and many other.

I know by good hand that they have payed several millions dollars in search and development and the color orange / yellow are the one that influence customer to make click on those buttons.

I hope this may help you.

Best regards.

Daniel Urbina.