Ideas for the future of Uno

  1. Uno must move forward by promoting its AI products and developing others - this sector is essential and the focus of the market is and will be on this sector → Uno has an Ai for active monitoring :arrow_right: put uno in AI sector and push Watchdog website by putting it «Audit pushed by AI» Btw you can also develop more Ai for audit ($AEGIS)
  2. Uno should follow where the money goes in the market - I mean gaming was hot these last weeks :arrow_right: Try to get gaming projects → Reduce fees for audit or insurance for gaming projects so you could catch the fomo and sector by sector people can realize how important is insurance/security
    :arrow_right: Future hot narrative → VR with Apple imo should develop or prepare some features with VR crypto projects.
  3. Uno should push on different chains - inj seems to be hot
    Other like layerzero- zk is coming try to find how we can collaborate with them.
    I do not see all these advice as unprofessional way to promote uno some partners are also doing it. Otherwise I don’t see how unore can be pushed to reach one day billion market cap
    I mean our main strength is community in comparison to nexus or other insurance/security projects
    Very simply why people would come to uno if we stay very simple in promoting uno?

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I agree with all of this. The team should look to move this into proposal. Firstly, just adding an AI tag and write a medium article how Uno Re uses AI.

Secondly, when v2 is back live, we should focus on more integrations. Like SOL and INJ, maybe something that comes with RWA. But good suggestions!

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