Genuine Community is Everything a project can ever got

Contributions from the community goes a long way and it literally boost the hype of a project and makes it well recognised in web3 space.

If anyone at all is seeing this, it about time we keep the hype up, spread good news and reviews about Uno Re
Keep supporting newbies joining on discord, attend to their. Questions, updating them on all they need to know about this project
Twitter retweet, likes and share would really goes a long way. I personally recommend Twitter engagement because we really need the hype.

As a true community members of this project, this should be our number one priority and we see it boom and explorer in web3 space. We moon soon ! With is hype and support, our Defi Journey in web3 is Insured💯


Some protocols tend to forget that the community is everything and doesn’t make decisions that favors the community. The need for a fully functional DAO sometimes isn’t talked about efficiently. A solid project=A solid community.