Feedback and suggestion

hello i am very happy to try this UNO testnet , I have been waiting for this testnet since the beginning of the notification and finally now i can try it . for the display I really like the color combination which I think is cool. When I first connected my wallet, everything went smoothly .

MY suggestions or ideas

-Add multi-language for other countries "Other crypto users prefer to use their own language and have difficulty with English

  • Add features for switching wallets
  • Have a different theme like daylight or night mode and place a switch button
  • Add connection status "To let the user know immediately if their connection is fast or slow “Common problem of users with slow connection”
  • Add bot customer service "For users to have a guide, especially new users who do not know much about UNO
  • Add contact features "If the user can’t find a solution to their problem with bot features, it’s better to have contact features so they can send a message about their concerns.
  • Add important links like whitepaper and other social media sites like Reddit
  • Email Subscribe - It should be there so that users can pay attention to what is news
    almost perfect ! just need a little improvement