Evertas collaboration suggestion

Evertas offers specialized services in Web3 security and compliance, including risk assessments for cyber, operational, physical, and communication risks. They also provide incident readiness and response services, physical security assessments, communications security assessments and monitoring, as well as advisory services for information security, privacy, and compliance. Their clientele includes brokers, carriers, custodians, exchanges, crypto funds, traditional financial institutions, family offices, market utilities, and high-net-worth individuals.

Considering the information from both Uno Re and Evertas, here are ways they could collaborate:

  1. Development of Innovative Insurance Products: Leveraging Evertas’ expertise in Web3 security and compliance, and Uno Re’s focus on blockchain-based reinsurance solutions, they could jointly develop new insurance products specifically for the digital asset and crypto markets.

  2. Risk Assessment and Modeling: Evertas can provide detailed risk assessments for digital assets, which Uno Re can use to refine their blockchain-based risk models, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of their insurance products.

  3. Joint Educational and Advisory Services: Both companies could collaborate on educating the market about the importance of insurance and security in the digital asset space, offering advisory services that combine Evertas’ security insights with Uno Re’s insurance expertise.

  4. Technology Sharing and Integration: Integrating Evertas’ security technology into Uno Re’s blockchain-based insurance platforms could provide enhanced security features for Uno Re’s clients.

  5. Market Expansion: By partnering, both companies can leverage each other’s client base and market knowledge to expand into new geographical markets or sectors within the digital asset space.

These collaborative efforts can help both companies grow by combining their unique strengths in security, compliance, and innovative insurance solutions. Evertas might also be a great partner when we release our RWA arm ensuring we breakthrough real assets in a regulated manner.

Evertas and partners briefed Congress recently on the importance of clear crypto regulations for national security and market competitiveness. This suggests they have some respect in this field. (https://x.com/evertas/status/1729593457369297040?s=46&t=hlMMUGVPWTYHcP9VZOP8og)

What do you think? Might be worth it for the team to contact them at least and hear their thoughts on a collaboration. If both teams are onboard, you can help each other grow and the collaboration will be the cost of it.


Evertas website: https://www.evertas.com/

Evertas X account: https://x.com/evertas?s=21&t=hlMMUGVPWTYHcP9VZOP8og