**DeFi Business Protocol**

Here are some of my advice

1.Expand the range of assets covered by insurance. Uno Re currently offers insurance for a wide range of DeFi assets, but there are still some assets that are not covered. Expanding the range of assets covered by insurance would make Uno Re more attractive to a wider range of users.

2.Reduce the cost of insurance. The cost of insurance is one of the main barriers to adoption for many users. Reducing the cost of insurance would make it more affordable for users to protect their DeFi assets.

3.Make it easier to purchase insurance.:The process of purchasing insurance on Uno Re can be complex and time-consuming. Making it easier to purchase insurance would make it more accessible to a wider range of users.

4.Improve the user experience. The user experience on Uno Re can be improved in a number of ways, such as by making the website more user-friendly and providing better customer support.

5.Partner with other DeFi projects. Partnering with other DeFi projects would help to increase awareness of Uno Re and make it easier for users to purchase insurance.
I hope these ideas are helpful. Please feel free to share your own ideas on the Uno Re Governance Forum.

Here are some additional marketing tips that Uno Re could use to promote this platform of ours;

1.Run social media campaigns:I Know you’re doing but double your effort because Uno Re could run social media campaigns to raise awareness of its platform and promote its insurance products but without good effort it won’t be possible.

2.Attend industry events. Uno Re could attend industry events to network with potential partners and customers.

3.Write blog posts and articles. Uno Re could write blog posts and articles about DeFi insurance to educate potential users about the benefits of using its platform.

4.Create educational materials. Uno Re could create educational materials, such as infographics and videos, to explain how DeFi insurance works.

By following these tips, Hope Uno Re can help to grow its user base and become a leading provider of DeFi insurance.

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