Could part of the staking rewards be payed out in stable coin?

My question is if it’s possible to use a part of the revenue used to do buybacks and burns as staking rewards for people that commit their tokens on the site?

Slow down UNO inflation by giving part of the reward in stable coin.
For example if a staking pool gives 15 percent, make it 10 percent Uno and 5 percent usdc.

Maybe even combined with a system where tokens are locked in for weeks to months


Hey Miguel,
If you see the current v2 docs (and some active digging into onchain data) at present the pools the reward to LPs are solely in $UNO tokens and it’s not very easy to allow for secondary reward token issuance that easily. This is a result of the arbitrary determination of utilization during the policy purchase phase, given the activation of both B2C and B2B policies. Also the complexity exasperates with the existence of underwriting pools on both the BSC and ETH sides, with the allocation of active underwriting capacity occurring at the time of policy execution.

So in short, I this seems like a limitation in the v2 contracts and from what I have read team is already working on solving this issue by adding compatibility for this in v3. Even though the concern regarding token inflation is very much a valid one - I believe there has been some discourse regarding the current state of inflation in tokens due to reward emissions I believe the manual buyback and burn is still a +ev move to counteract this.

Although not my place to comment of this but i think community based buy back and burn (MEV stat arb) is a lot more decentralized way to execute this while allowing community members to directly become part of the process.

From what I understand of the V3 Version Enhancements:
The team is addressing these complexities by introducing the option to link underwriters and policy buyers through bilateral positions. This enhancement facilitates payouts in stablecoins or the premium token itself, providing a more versatile and efficient reward mechanism.

Here are some nerdy technical stuff / key metrics:
Number of Active Policies: 3
Total Depositors :944
Buyback and Burns: 5M UNO tokens burn (not sure about this)

Current Underwriting Pools:
-ARES(SSIP UNO Ethereum)

PS: I know the team is busy a bit atm, so just trying to help out the community based on info I have.


I think V3 covers this a little