Carbon browser and Realio partnership

Hey Team,

Not sure if you know about carbon browser with a $CSIX token ticker.

Partnering up with them might be a great strategic decision for UNO especially if you are creative with it. You can help insure CSIX but also include an option where if people connect their wallet to the browser, they get a pop up if they would to insure their tokens (if listed in the cover portal). So what you would do is also integrate the cover portal into their browser. This may also help us open a new door which is collaborating with wallets like metamask to have our cover portal on their.

Might also be good to audit them as well for added security.

Other than that, RIO would be great to have as a partner as we move into RWA. I think as we develop our RWA arm it would be good to have a few partners to help us and help them grow securely.

Let me know what you think!