Block Alerts and its Relationship with UNO Re DAO

Recently, we announced the launch of a new venture, Block Alerts, under the umbrella of UNO Re DAO. This exciting development marks a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize the insurance and security landscape for blockchain technologies. You can check the details of this launch here!

Since the announcement that the security audit line would be a separate business unit from UNO Re DAO, we got some questions from you, regarding the reasoning behind it and how the DAO would benefit from this decision. And today, we bring you all the answers to this question!

  1. Uno Re is the exclusive insurance provider for Block Alerts and 100% of the premium goes to DAO/LPs: First and foremost, with Block Alerts, we’re not just offering traditional insurance coverage; we’re pioneering a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for the blockchain industry. By establishing Uno Re as the exclusive insurance provider for block alerts, we ensure that 100% of the premium generated flows directly into the UNO Re DAO, benefiting all stakeholders and LPs involved.

  2. A percentage of the revenue earned from security services via Block Alerts goes to DAO which can be distributed to veUNO holders or the Buy-Back-and-Burn process: This decision isn’t just about diversification; it’s about maximizing the value proposition for UNO Re DAO participants. By allocating a percentage of the revenue generated from security services through Block Alerts to the DAO, we create a sustainable source of income that can be used to reward veUNO holders, fuel further growth initiatives, or even enhance tokenomics through buybacks and burns. This strategic move ensures that the entire ecosystem benefits from the success of Block Alerts.

Furthermore, separating Block Alerts as a distinct business unit allows us to focus our efforts, resources, and expertise on addressing blockchain security’s unique needs and challenges through innovative next generation security products and services. It also provides greater transparency and accountability within UNO Re DAO, enabling more efficient governance and decision-making processes.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our shared vision.

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