BEP-20 kucoin support for $UNO

You may soon notice a large movement of $UNO onto KuCoin; that’s the UNO team, and in the interest of transparency, here’s the reasoning behind it.

Over the past few months, we’ve received several community requests to enable BEP-20 support for $UNO on KuCoin.

In order to enable this, we’ll be transferring 1.4M $UNO token to KuCoin as CEX tech integration fee; the $UNO BEP-20 token contract audit has passed, and we look forward to sharing the news of successful enablement with our community very very soon.

Due to the KuCoin team’s generosity and Uno Re’s long-standing relationship with the exchange, we’ve come to a mutual understanding to include in this amount some co-marketing activities, as well as rewards for our next $UNO KuCoin staking pool.

(Once the transaction is complete, we’ll be posting the hash under this post.)