AMA after V2 audit is done and all of SSIP & SSRP positions are restored

Hi guys,

I would like to propose for an AMA after we have the SSIP & SSPR pools active back again.
I beileve, after V2 is active again, we will have plentey of positive things to talk about;

  • burn of 64M tokens from total supply
  • new, better tokenomics (from investors POV - circ supply vs total supply)
  • all SSIP & SSRP postions restored 1:1
  • team’s amazing post-hack actions
  • teams commitment to this project (with making investors whole from teams pockets)
  • frozen funds from hack and the possibility of recovering those funds
  • DAO unanimous decision on Option 2 - shows commitment to UNO from community also.
  • all the new security updates on our protocol, making UNO even more safe
  • plans and focus for Q1 2024
  • how did this incident impact current and potential new clients
  • maybe even some “bomb news” with a new RWA Pool or someting like that (a breaking news that will make everybody bullish on Uno again and making them feel FOMO)

I also believe if you guys appear live on Twitter space, it will have a strong positive impact on old, new
and potential new investors. Showing this project is not dead but alive more than ever, prepared to work harder than ever to achieve the same end goal - making whole Web3 space safer through defi insurance and Uno Watchdog.

Also believe this incident did strengthened the ties between the community and the project.
So why not show the crypto world an even more confident and determined Uno team with even more supporting community!

Best regards,