Airdrops . Project should stop underestimating them

I think there should be airdrops that will create awareness. Projects are underrating airdops of resent and it shouldn’t be so.
Projects needs to generate awareness. Most successful projects all have their airdrops


We’ve gone very far in the project and we’re a fully functional DAO
I like your idea and your points makes good sense

Right now the project have created ways which everyone can benefit from you can invest in pools to earn some money, you can also be a part of the governance through acquiring veUNO tokens and also earn some money as well as bribes that are being paid to voters by certain protocols who apply to be insured
And this is made possible because the demand for insurance cover is becoming a priority and it’s rising as time goes on

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I think best airdrop

Airdrop is one of the way a project could create awareness. But it is also a double edge sword whereby there are many airdrop hunters coming by just to get free rewards and then dump the tokens. Besides, as Samuel said, we are already gone very far and this strategy might not be suitable. Thanks for you suggestion though.

I actually really like this idea!

We could use a platform such as TaskOn to define certain tasks in order to be eligible for the airdrop.
This could raise awareness and understanding of what UNO Re does in a cheap way.

We could assign points if people:

  • fund the SSRP / SSIP pools
  • buy insurance
  • commit uno into the governance pool and
  • vote on proposals

Here’s an example of how Zksync is organizing a challenge trough TaskOn, we could do something similar I guess?

Voting on proposals “just for the airdrop” should not matter. Either the amounts and votes are going to be small; or they will invest more but then probably become more involved as well.

Either way I believe that the project would benefit from it directly (through funds inflow) and indirectly (by raising awareness).

Once people see how easy it is to take insurance and how cheap it is, they might actually decide to go in bigger.

The TaskOn platform seems to have a lot of eyes on it. But maybe there are others.

In the case of ZkSync, I like how they organized rewards around using their swap platform. It really caused me to look into their protocol and to get to know it better.

So in conclusion, if this becomes a proposal, provided we have a good implementation path, this will get my vote.

@Nic I understand where you are coming from and I would agree if we just push people to buy some tokens.
Hence my suggestion to connect it with activities like submitting funds into a pool, getting insurance, getting veUno tokens, the effect that you mention might be reduced. We could then also see it as a genuine investment to educate people about the Uno protocol.

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That’s right

It can be when care is not taking when implementing the project. Project like shibainu, samoyedcoin, woof woof, are just meme coins with no backing and their airdrop became part of the things that pushed them

Yeap, rather than giving it to free riders, we rather reward those who earns it (legit participant) and not to those using bots.