AI driven insurance protocol

Hey DAO, I saw an earlier forum post about adding an AI tag on twitter bio but I want to one up this with real justification of changing our bio on every platform to “AI driven insurance and audit”.

I think this is something you should take seriously given the importance of AI in the world of technology and it is not a “hype” thing. Intelligent blockchains are the future of crypto.

I want to give an example of how this helped another project. NUM protocol is a content moderation protocol which always used AI but never added it to their bio until late last year. Since then, they have been getting a lot of attention. It’s somewhat free marketing but also it’s just truth about the protocol so why not?

In terms of UNO, we have always used AI but never made it clear to the public. Now is the time to change this. Simply adding “AI driven” in the bio before ‘Insurance and reinsurance’ also AI driven Audit platform called watchdog. We can also start adding tags like ‘AI’ in gecko, cmc, and kucoin. We have a great AI use case and we need an easier way for people to find out.

Below are photos which show we have always used AI but how come we never made this obvious enough? The DAO have been asking for this for months and the community clearly align in agreement so I see no more delay needed for this kind of change.

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Hey Lail, thanks for your feedback and always being a valuable member of the DAO.

As I said on Telegram, I agree on the simplicity of adding the AI tags on Socials and how it makes to do it, I am current talking with the Core DAO members regarding to their suggestions on the implication of it, how hard we want to push the AI side of the ecosystem and what can we do to further maximize it while still not sounding like a moonboi project but instead protecting the brand value.

Also as said I am not sure if the AI Audits part should be so much highlighted as it is not a core part of the ecosystem but I strongly think we can further push the AI Matrix, since it’s pretty important for the ecosystem.

Also I know there are some plans to make the Uno Bot tools public so anyone can integrate with them in the future, at least some parts like Uno Audit bot etc. so we can have much more opportunities when it comes to promoting it.

Once I gather everyone’s opinions and find a suitable approach, I will update you (or update the whole community from our Social channels).

Thank you for the reply. Let’s forget about the audit part then.

The community have vocally said they wanted this, if you are trying to be a DAO, giving the core members this much power just makes it feel centralised. You say its an easy addition and most if not all of the community would be happy with this change in direction.

If it’s getting a point of community vs DAO then we should go for proposal voting but I would be concerned if something like this needs to go through one. If it’s a simple fix and the DAO want it then why are we not implementing it? Because the core contributors are still on the fence? That’s just centralisation…

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