Adding "Insured Audit by @Unore" stamp on coingecko/cmc (similar to certik)

Hey guys, as one of our community member Daniel has suggested, it would be good if we are able to get our Unore audit logo on the CMC as per pic which Certik did.

On top of that, would also be good if we could provide the details of the audit (easily accessible to public)

I understand that these may take some time and it wouldn’t be in Unore’s control, but it would be a good direction we could work on. Given that it could be an important branding of assurance in the future. I personally would be focus on those projects that has be insured audit than just audit. Maybe we could brand it something like:

Michellin Star = Insured Audit (“stars” are based on the sum insured, the more sum insured, the higher star they get)
Michellin Guide = Audit

Anyway these are just some suggestions, feel free to adjust or drop some additional suggestions.


Hello Nic! It’s always a pleasure having you back.

Interestingly, Daniel’s current suggestion aligns with an idea I proposed before Uno WatchDog was even launched. I thought about a system of stamps to illustrate protocols insured by Uno Re, aiming to instil more trust in our users.

Now, with Uno WatchDog and our audit services up and running, the relevance of this idea is paramount. As you rightly pointed out, featuring these badges on platforms like CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko would be beneficial.

We’ll look into getting in touch with the CMC and CG teams to comprehend the process better. I hope we will be able to feature our badge as soon as possible.


Hello @Nic, quick update on the proposal, we have reached out to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko team with this proposal and waiting for the feedback!