Adding AI and RWA tags on all platforms

I believe the community have voiced the AI tag enough but just to add RWA to that request.

We are a DAO and the communities voice is important. I’m sure if you’re following the chats, you can see the community screaming for AI and RWA tags added on all platforms such as gecko, cmc, kucoin, etc. at least apply for them to be added there and do what you can.

We have an AI powered cover portal as well as RWA in our 2024 roadmap.

UNO is very bullish already but having these tags will show our potential. I’m sure you guys are working on it and hopefully we see it very soon! We are a strong community and will help if needed. We are all contributors at the end of the day.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I definitely agree with adding those tag’s into our bio. We indeed have inhouse AI product for helping out in cover portal and we also planning to add RWA products into our ecosystem as soon as Q2 2024! There are plenty of projects adding those tags with no backing, UnoRe do have AI and RWA (soon) integrated into products.

Imho it will help alot to bring more eyes on Uno. We saw how hyped are those two narratives.
It will help new investors to even find our project and research it. And for old ones, that maybe don’t know Uno is exploring into those two narratives.

It’s a pretty easy move that could benefit significantly in terms of recognition and awareness of what exactly Uno is building.
After such hard times for Uno (post hack), we need to make us more visible and represent our products with (over)confidence! We have plenty to show!

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